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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Spreading Sunshine

This blessed my socks off.

It's a thank you note from my three year old grand-daughter (and her little sister)
thanking me and her paw paw for their Christmas gifts.

 Of course she had a little help.
But that "R" is all hers.
And I heard she was quite proud of it when she wrote it.
I'm thankful for her parents who are instilling the importance of gratitude into her.
A small gesture of saying thanks can be SO big in someones life.
I pray this is something that becomes part of her fiber as she grows.....
~thanking people ~ showing gratitude ~taking the time to write a note in her hand writing ~
There will come a day when she makes her own choices.
And I  know that she is part of the generation where emails, texts and tweets are the normal way to communicate. But I hope through her parents example and nurturing,  the art of writing a hand written note will always be a normal thing for her...even a joy.
Something that makes her heart dance as she drops a little sunshine in the mailbox.

Now, I've got to go practice what I'm preaching...
After schooling my children for all these years of the importance of handwritten thank you notes,
here it is the middle of January and I still haven't sent mine.
Not good.

It's awesome getting taught life lessons from your grandchildren.

Are there any thank you notes you've been meaning to write too?
Let's go spread some sunshine.
In this case, it truly is better late than never!



  1. oh I soooooo make my kids write thank you notes...and apologize :)

  2. So sweet. I am big on thank you notes in this casa. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Yes!! I hope thank-you notes don't become a lost art... they are so important. And that "R" is precious ;)

  4. Stephanie, your blog is the sweetest! I'm honored to share Hannah's sidebar with you :) Can't wait to follow along! <3 Ashley

  5. A handwritten note is the BEST thing to find in the mailbox. I am so thankful that my husband and I dated (long-distance) before email and texts. We each have a huge stack of letters from each other. Such a treasure!


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