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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Divinely appointed Red Beans and Rice

Well, this week has turned out differently than what I had on my list of things to do.
My creative juices had finally started flowing after getting a little burned out at Christmas, so I had lots of stuff to make for The Honey Pot {shop}.
And my father-n-law was coming in from out of town to hunt with my husband.
I had planned a menu of cooking stuff he can eat...he's a diabetic and doing really good with his diet.
Plus, me and the engaged daughter had a BIG day of wedding shopping on Tuesday planned that included a lunch date with a friend.
Oh how I saw lots of progress on the horizon!

Then I got a phone call from my oldest who lives several hours away.
She and the girls were sick.
One with pneumonia
One with double ear infections
And momma with bronchitis sounding very worn out and needing rest.

So what's a momma to do when she needs to be in two places at the same time?
Well, you can torment your mind like I did. But I don't recommend it.
Or you can pray about it and then do what I usually do.... consult my husband and get his advice.
He said go.  Take care of the sick ones.

So I did.

They are feeling much better and I will be heading home soon.
But in the meantime, somebody had to cook for my father-in-law..
This is where my other two daughters... and Face Time "Got er done" for me!

I have professed my love for Face Time  on here before.
Face Time rocks on SO many levels.
I mean, I love getting to see and talk with my grand kids. That's a no-brainer.
But who what have thought it would be a lifesaver in the kitchen?

Now... my mother-in-law literally taught me to cook over the phone when i first got married.
I called her everyday and she would walk me through it.
But getting to SEE the recipe and make sure its looking right is the bomb!

So here is Lydia's adventures in Red Beans and Rice 101..
....She's the one getting married in 5 months.
(oh, and I'm tending to sick babies and its her day off so we both have the
  au naturel' look happening today)

She's not feeling it at first...

Things are looking better..

 Getting a little encouragement from Nate.

Lookin good...

The smile of approval from the future hubby..

The look of accomplishment from Lydia with her pic and comment she posted on instagram.... 

"So... My momma, @honeyholden, is out of town, right?  That left me in charge to cook supper.  There is something you should know about me....I don't cook.  At all.  Well anyways...after many FaceTime chats with my momma (thanks ma), the red beans and rice are done, and prettyyyyy good if I do say so myself ;) #success   Oh and props to my little sis, @laurenalexis19 for making the green beans.  #teamwork." Hannibal would say, "I love it when a plan comes together!"
....Even when the plan wasn't mine!
Thanks Lord for being the sovereign God that You are.
You work all things together.
Who knew having one sick daughter would be just what You would use to push the other daughter to spread her wings (in the kitchen) and gain some self confidence.
Well, You did of course.
Thanks for changing my plans.

Stephanie :)

PS. I am guest hosting for my friend, Jami and her "We Encourage Tuesday"link up.

Y'all please stop by and be encouraged by all of the awesome ladies who participate
 but more importantly,
be in prayer for Jami and her family as they are on mission for Jesus in Mexico.
I can't wait to hear all about it.


  1. this is just beautiful! Thank you for the words that the Lord helps pour out your soul! :D it is SO encouraging!

  2. precious post!- LOVE how He works "in all things"! hoping everyone is feeling much better soon!- sending get-well prayers!

  3. amen. learning to love his changing of my plans, too!

    and i don't know what makes me more happy.
    thinking about red beans and rice or that you referenced the a-team:)

    LOVE you. {and thanks for your post at jami's, needed that reminding!}

  4. hey there i am here from jami's link up and i have to just tell you that you're the prettiest and youngest grandmama i have ever seen! (please dont tell my mom i said that!) so excited to follow you!

  5. read your post over @ jami' a former pw i wish i would've had your wisdom. i wore the pantyhose when i was a yellow sundress kinda girl. it took big doses of the love of Jesus and counseling to get over losing myself to expectations. thanks for sharing!


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