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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Everyday Gratitude

I kinda have a feeling 2012 is gonna be a biggie for me.
As a momma, I have lots of change to  deal with... look forward to in the months ahead.
My firstborn girl has some things the Lord is up to in their  sweet family. 
My middle girl is getting married.
And my baby girl is graduating. 
All good stuff.
But all of it requires lots of change.   Something I'm not really great at.

I was perusing one of my favorite blogs, the olive tree and was inspired by this post 
It was about coming up with one word for 2012.  Her word was passion.  Yes. Yes. Yes. 
I too want to be more passionate about my relationship with the Lord, His word, and sharing Him with others.  

But as I pondered this I knew what my word would be.
I don't want to just endure all the change.  
I want to embrace it with open arms knowing that a sovereign God ordained it.
I want to embrace all that He wants to teach me through this change so that I can be an example to others.  That if they follow what I do, they find Jesus.  One that can say as Paul said.."Imitate me as I imitate Christ". (1 Cor 11:1)
Yes, I want to embrace it...willingly not begrudgingly, anticipating God's goodness all the way.
You've heard me share this desire to embrace change here before...
I pray this is the year that I learn this lesson and learn it well.

I know from experience this won't be easy. 
In fact,  it's just down right hard.
One way that has always helped me embrace change is to focus on my blessings.
To choose gratitude.

And being the picture freak that I am, I thought to myself...why not remind yourself with a picture... 
Be intentional and find something to be thankful for each and every day this year.  No matter what.

So here I am one week in....

 Everyday Gratitude 2012 ~ week one

Day one:  Seeing the ordinary stuff through their eyes.

Day 2: this electric heater that a friend brought over while our heater is being fixed. 
 (35 degrees outside....grateful indeed!)

Day 3:  the privilege of having this princess over for supper.

Day 4: time spent doing everyday stuff with these two.

Day 5: getting to see my firstborn today...even if it was for a split second.

Day 6:  A clean house. (at least this part of it!)

Day 7:  these shoes being as comfortable as they are cute....that doesn't always happen!
(and I'm thankful for the Christmas money given to me that I bought them with)

I'm linking up with a new friend Alysa!
The name of her blog alone makes me smile...Inspired RD
I'm hoping some of her wisdom on cooking and eating healthier will inspire me this year to make better choices.  (I've got a mother of the bride dress to buy...remember!)

You can link up anything to do with Project 365...whether you are taking pictures, writing posts, tweeting daily....whatever you are doing to be intentional about daily being thankful you can share it here.


Stephanie :)


  1. so awesome, stephanie! i love that word you chose. it reminds me of a song i wrote years ago called "Embrace My Fire" (based on Zechariah 2:5 - really awesome verse - you should go read it!) the line I thought of was this:

    Embrace My Fire,
    For I wanna place My Glory within you

    what He has called you and challenged you to do for 2012, He will equip you for! :) lora

  2. Embrace has so many shades of meaning take or clasp in the arms; press to the bosom; hug. take or receive gladly or eagerly; accept willingly: to embrace an idea. avail oneself of: to embrace an opportunity. adopt (a profession, a religion, etc.): to embrace Christianity. take in with the eye or the mind.
    It will be a challenge filled with rewards.

  3. What a great idea! I like this link up too! Happy Sunday :)

  4. yay! happy you joined the 365thanks, too!

    following suit, embracing our change!

  5. I am so excited to "meet" you! Thank you so much for linking up to my 365 Project. I can't wait to see what intentional gratitude does for all of us this year. Your girls are beautiful by the way!

  6. Where did you get those shoes? They are so cute! Becca :-)

  7. Love love LOVE your word, your heart, your purdy face! Praying for you throughout this year!


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