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Monday, January 9, 2012


While the girls were with us last week, we were sitting in the car waiting on Paw Paw Nick to come out of the bank and I hear a very melodic little voice say,
 "Honn-eyyyy.....Justin Bieeeee-ber". 
 And I turn around  and see this.
She had found a magazine in the backseat and flipped through it and found this picture.
Now tell me, how does a three year old already have a crush on Justin Bieber?? might have something to do with these two!
Aunt LaLa and Aunt Lidi.

They just must of passed the "crushin" gene down to their niece!
It's definitely in her DNA!!

Happy Monday:)
Hope it's lovely!

Stephanie :)

Ps.  if you would like to read about my word for the year and how I plan on implementing it,
 you can read about it {here}.  
It's gonna be a rockn' 2012..  Yep!

Oh...and GEAUX TIGERS all the way to the national championship tonight!


  1. haha oh my. :) My sister taught my daughter how to make the "facebook" face for the longest time that is how she posed for photos.

  2. Haha...that is hilarious, Stephanie! I love it!

  3. Ahaha! I have to admit I was a little boy crazy as a little girl (crushin' not crazy! LoL) and I'm always keeping my eye out for my lil' Roo because she is SO MUCH like her mama!


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