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Friday, January 27, 2012

The Gorilla and the Pig

This here is my big brother.
His name is Marvin and it's his birthday tomorrow.

Here he is trying to aggravate me...he still does this hand on my head thing.
When I was a little girl, he dubbed me with the nickname "Sow".
So I've been called that my entire life.
Except when he calls me, Sowpig, Swamp Sow (yeah..I dunno about that one, I guess cuz we're from Louisiana), Momma Sow, and my new favorite....Sow Maw, which he is trying desperately to get my grandkids to call me. 

He's not into my fab themed birthday parties I throw.
In fact, he told me this year they're stupid.
So I'm not gonna throw him a party this year. 
Nope. Not gonna do it.

Oh and he really hates that I take pictures all the time
He never cooperates.  
Like this, for instance...

and this..

Oh, and he REALLY hates when pics of him end up on my blog or on fb.
So PLEASE, don't tell him about this one ....
or this one..
 or this one.

Even though he can be a pain
He really is a great big brother.
I love him to pieces.
We usually laugh a bunch when we're together.

And I'm incredibly proud of him and how the Lord is using him.
I mean, everyone who is saved by God's grace is transformed,
but some of our transformations are a little more outwardly noticeable.
Like my brother for instance.
This is before Jesus interrupted his life...
He used to be a high school drop out drug addict.

And this is what God did...
He went from being a high school drop out to seminary graduate.
He delivered him, transformed him, and then called him into the ministry.
That is what grace looks like.

His passion for people and desire to see them know Jesus inspires me.
Don't tell him, but I think he's one of the most awesome guys I know.
We tease each other a lot but I'm so proud I'm his sister and he's my big brother.

Oh....and about the title "The Gorilla and the Pig"...
Well I've had to live my entire life being called Sow right?
So.... when the Lord blessed me with grandchildren, I taught them to call him Gorilla!
And they do!

Ahhh...revenge is so sweet.

Happy Birthday Gorilla!
This little pig loves you :)


  1. i love hearing stories about Gods amazing, transforming power! He is sooo good!
    makes my day!
    happy birthday to your brother.
    this is just such a sweet post.

  2. too sweet, happy birthday to your gorilla. i love a good transformation story. God is awesome like that. happy friday to you!
    <3 <3 <3

  3. What a tribute to your brother! It is amazing what God can do. So often we throw in the towel, and think it is hopeless, but God is so beyond us and our finite minds. Your brother truly is a testament to the power of God.

  4. so funny. big brothers are the best. mine randomly calls me pat :]

  5. Oh, so sweet. I only have one sister. But when I had my daughter and then my son I got to see first hand the sweet bonding that brother/sister relationship brings. My mom has a brother and I see the same thing there. i feel I missed out. ;)

    Happy Birthday to him. What an amazing witness for the Lord.

  6. Okay, this has made me cry. What a great blog post tribute to Marvin and I remember the "Before", just like it was yesterday, I'm so happy there is an "After" for him.

    Love y'all, though I don't get to see you all,

  7. i adore your family. praise jesus!
    it's a beautiful thing to have a restored family along with the transformed life. our god is in the extra mercies business!

    love you, sweet friend. xo

  8. oh my gosh! i love it. they call him gorilla. i can't stop laughing.
    brothers are the biz-nass!

  9. sweet post...happy birthday to your brother...what a blessing to how God has worked in his life!

  10. that is what grace looks like!!! thanks for reminding me. i NEED that hope for my own brother, mother, dad. happiest belated birthday to your brother.

  11. OH MY GOODNESS! This just made my day. I LOVE Marvin and your family so much! It was a blessing to see his face!


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