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Friday, April 25, 2014

Stitch Fix Number 8. (and some tips)

On my 8th month of fixes they went and shook things up on me.
They switched my stylist.
Seven glorious fixes with Catherine and then came along Margaret.
Now, I'm not saying that is a bad thing. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna really like Margaret.
She did pretty good on her first time up to bat.

We could have hit a home run together but there were a few miscommunications.
I'll explain that in a bit.  Maybe save you from an unnecessary strike out with your stylists.

First up was this great shirt.
I loved the texture and the whole look of it. 

Next up was this rad denim vest.
This was great because it let me know Margaret was reading my notes.  I made mention in my profile how much I loved the denim vest that I had seen on one of my friends on Instagram. (She had won Stitchfix Friday about a month ago!  Yay Emmy!)  Anyway, it let me know Margaret checked out the things I had shared and requested.  
I love the vest.  I throw it on with everything.

 OH and on an unrelated note….I got bangs. 
I like them. For now.

So another thing that lets me know Margaret has been reading up on me and checking out my Pintrest Board is that she totally got my love for the style of the Mad Men ladies.

Here is Megan

 And this is the amazing "Megan Dress" she sent me.
I loved it.
But it totally was too short for me.

 Then there is Betty.

And here is my "Betty Dress" she sent me.

I loved it too.  But again…it was totally too short for me.
And these dresses could have been that home run I was telling you about earlier.
I love everything about them.  The look. The style. The colors.
But they were way too short for me.
So why would my stylists send me dresses that were too short?  This is where the miscommunication came in. For the past seven months I had written down in my profile that I the shortest I wear skirts and dresses are right at the knee or a tiny bit above. (unless I can wear dark tights with it).   Well, they only give you so much space to write stuff in your profile and then it cuts off.  So after 7 months with my same stylist, Catherine, I assumed it was safe to take off the info about hem lengths and put some fresh stuff info on there. Well I had no idea they would give me a new stylists who didn't know this very very important information.  I feel certain that if that had still been on my profile that Margaret would have styled me in a similar look with a longer hemline.  Kind of a bummer there.  I would have totally kept these dresses had they been longer.

So stylist tip of the day:  Keep the most important stuff that you need your stylist to know on there at all times.  Don't change it up just to let them know you're really digging the color lilac right now.
Hind sight is 20/20.

And then there is Joan from Mad Men.
Maybe I'll get a "Joan Dress" soon.
Her hem lines are all doable for me.

Oh…but here is my fifth piece that came in this fix. 
And Margaret hit it out the park with this one.

This necklace. 

I've worn it just about everyday since it arrived at my doorstep.
It's dainty and modern and 18K gold. And I adore it.
Well there you have it.  Fix number 8.
It was a crazy month. It's taken me forever to write this post so I'm a little behind with writing this post.
And fix number 9 is scheduled to arrive TODAY.  
Oh the suspense.   Will I have Margaret again?  Will I have a Joan Dress?
Will I have some Boho stuff?  Something lilac?

Aghh.  I can't wait.  And that is what makes StitchFix so great.
It's fun. It's full of surprises..(the good kind of surprises)
And it's super easy.  The dresses I didn't keep? I just popped them in the postage paid mailer that came in my fix and dropped them off in the mail.  Easiest return ever.
You can get all the details here.
You can check out my other fixes here..
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And if you haven't signed up for the Nest Jewelry yet from Melody Joy Designs that I'm giving away for Mother's Day, then click here!!
Melody is graciously giving away TWO pieces of jewelry to one lucky lady and
TODAY is the last day to enter! 

Well I hope y'all have an amazing weekend.

ps.  Just so you know, I'm finally getting back in the groove and have some posts on family and Hope Spoken and Losing to Gain and all kinds of goodness in the works. I actually have drafts!  Not just ideas in my head! Boom shakalala.  So hang in there, if all these fashion posts are making your head hurt.  Y'all are the best. xxoo


  1. Love the bangs! You and your cute self can wear just about anything. I'm still trudging along. I have to get back to the running or some type of workout because I know that's what's holding me up.

    I'm excited you've written drafts! Woohoo!

  2. These posts about Stitch Fix are my favorite to read! You look lovely in everything you try on! I am hesitant to try Stitch Fix just based on the money alone. I buy almost all my clothing from the thrift and have some decent labels. I think it would kill me to spend $50+ on one item when I know I could buy literally 100 from the thrift for the same price (my thrift is 49 cents!). I will be excited to see your next Fix :)

  3. I kind of live vicariously through your stitch fix posts :) And those bangs!!! They look great!!

  4. cuuuuute.


  5. got my 12th fix yesterday...never gonna give it up! love having my own personal shopper...Claire...she's the best! and it's always fun to see what other people get in their fixes!

  6. Love your bangs!!!! And you make the Stitch sound so inticing. Always enjoy your posts and looking forward to the ones to come.


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