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Monday, April 28, 2014

Why I'll rethink that next hotdog

Everybody loves a good party.
I'm the first one to pull out the party hats and toss the confetti.
I love celebrating the people in my life.
This particular party, we were celebrating Carolyn.
Carolyn loves a party as much as me. And I love her to pieces.

With most parties you have good food.  This one was no exception.
I knew Janet, Carolyn's sister, was gonna have these cupcakes and I was looking forward to a little splurge.  Since Nick's diabetes diagnosis, we pretty much have purged ourselves of all sugar here at home.  But I will treat myself when we are out at times.
But this particular party also had hot dogs. 
And I went all out and ate me one.
 With mayonnaise.
 On a bun.
Lots of processes stuff I haven't eaten in forever.

And that night I felt terrible.  
I had to dig out my old pink bottle of pepto.
I took several swigs and waited for relief.

It wasn't until a few days later when we were talking about it that it dawned on me that I haven't had to take the pink stuff in months!  I used to live on it. I kept it in my purse and in the car.  I usually had to take a couple of swigs every day.  Sometimes after every meal.

But since we have begun to eat clean and focus on whole foods and little to no processed foods I no longer need it.  And I totally didn't realize it.  Feeling good is my new normal. 
 I had forgotten how it felt to feel yucky after eating. 
(i'll spare you all my symptoms and just say yucky. you're welcome)

And then it dawned on me that Nick no longer takes his heartburn medicine.  He used to keep them in his pocket to take before meals.  And he pretty much took one at least once a day.
He doesn't take them anymore either!

Friends! That is big!  We have felt so good these last several months we totally forgot what our old "normal" used to feel like.  
 What we eat really does make a huge difference in the way we feel!  I mean I knew that.  I've read about that. But this was the first time I realized it to be true for me in such a tangible way.
I honestly haven't missed our old way of eating either.  We have discovered so many new types of foods and seasonings that it has actually been fun.

Now I'm not saying I'll never eat another hotdog or never enjoy another cupcake ever again. I'm pretty sure I might.  But I will definitely consider if it tastes good enough to feel like poop afterwards.
More than likely it probably won't.

And then there is this reason.
The pic on the left was taken last April.  Size 14.
The pic on the right was taken this April.  Size 10.
I lost 40 lbs and gained some sass.

So what are you waiting on?
I'm rooting for you.

bag: Better Life Bags // t-shirt: Fancy Free // leather cuff: Farmgirl Paints


  1. So true, "we are what we eat." Good for you and Nick! I am not terrible but I do have room for improvement in my eating habits. Great testimony to what "good eats" can do for you. Happy week!

  2. Feeling good feels so good! Yay for health and happiness! (And can you please tell us about that great skirt, too, Ms Stephanie?!)

  3. You are gorgeous and inspiring! Keep rocking this grand ole life Honey! I love following your love story and your life story!

  4. Hurrah for you and Nick! We try to eat as clean as possible but I find it hard - especially when life gets busy. This post is a reminder why I must try harder. (I just recently found your blog and am in love with it. So inspiring and just gorgeous!)


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