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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Out takes

 How many tries does it take to get this picture?

Apparently two dozen times plus one. As in 25.
There was lots of giggling, hard breathing and tinkling by the end of this.
All from me of course. (side note…grandmas probably should not jump and giggle at the same time)
That combo never ends well.
The first pic is the one I ended up posting which ironically was one of the very first ones we took.
My tummy was showing though so I was determined to get another one. In the end it remained my fave so I just strategically placed an arrow professing my love for my man.  ;)

Which by the way… big thank you to my husband for humoring my crazy requests. 
Gosh I love him.

(These were taken using an app on my phone called Camera Timer.  You need it in your life.
Trust me on this one. )


  1. Oh gosh! I am sitting here giggling (and about to wet my pants too!). This is just so cute! I love it. Ya'll are so precious.

  2. I knew that area was there for that reason! Because I've done the same thing!! Lol
    Love these pics and I love that you two are goofy, together!! XO

  3. I love the thumbs up one! I still jump on the trampoline with Ethan. I make sure my bladder is empty before I begin, though. ;)

    1. Thumbs up as in #11! I didn't realize there were so many!

  4. This is us every year for our Christmas card. No remotes just back and forth... Some of my favorite memories. You are both beyond cute!

  5. so cute!!!! i must look into this camera timer app!

  6. So cute! It made me smile :) Thanks

  7. Websters dictionary should redefine "adorable" with you two.

  8. Absolutely adorable! You two are just the cutest pair. It's so evident that you're crazy about each other! Thanks for sharing...


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