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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Nativity

I am so enjoying this year with my family...just taking in every bit of each day.
I don't know if this just comes with age or what.. 
but I am finding the most joy in the simple things of life lately.
 I enjoy just being home.  Not feeling the need to go here and shop for this or that.
I'm loving just "being".
And I think contentment is something beautiful.

I am learning to treasure the memories of our family holiday traditions
but also be flexible in making new traditions as our family is growing and with that, bringing change.

 I've had to let go of how "we've always done it"...

 and embrace new things...
like having my future son-n-law sereande us with christmas music the entire time we decorated. 
 How awesome is that?

My girls are spread out with their jobs and stuff and now we have to really work to make sure our family time happens... 

They have boyfriends and fiances whose families wants to spend time with them too...

 But we always enjoy our time together...whether it's a momentous occasion or just hanging out.

I was reminded of something this year as we were pulling out all the Christmas decorations...
A few years back my mom was contemplating whether or not to buy a nativity for a certain family member.  She was worried they weren't making Jesus a priority with their family during Christmas and she was hoping sending them a sweet nativity to set out might help them to be reminded.
My first thought was, "'s really gonna be "wasted" on them...they just don't get it"...

And no sooner did I think that thought...the Holy Spirit quickly reminded me of something.
You see, there was a time when it was ME that my mom was concerned for about whether or not I was teaching my girls the true meaning of Christmas.  
And my mind went to the package that came in the mail many years before...
Inside was this sweet little nativity that my mom had sent my girls when it was US she was burdened for.

Then I remembered...
At one time I was the one who didn't care about nativities at Christmas.
I was the one who made it ALL about santa and presents.
I was the one who sent my children on the church bus that came through the neighborhood instead of going to church with them.
I was the one who needed to know the true meaning of Christmas.
I was the one who needed a relationship with Jesus.

It is so easy to forget where we came from.
After we have been living for Christ for years and years, it's easy to forget we were once lost.
And it's easy to give up on those who we have been praying for to come to know Christ.
And it is easy to be quick to pass judgment when we see choices other families are making.

I pray that you too are reminded where it is the Lord saved you from.

                               And I pray that we all remember this Christmas it is because of the gift of grace 
that we are what we are and any goodness in us is because of Jesus.

I'm thankful for a mom who loved me enough to send us a nativity even though

we would have rather it been a toy.

I'm sure the neighbors who picked up our kids and brought them to church each Sunday, never imagined  my girls daddy would one day become a pastor and that those little girls would grow up to marry men called into the ministry too.  God is so amazing like that!

Is there anyone you know who needs a nativity?
You never know what God is up to!

Stephanie :)
Call Me Blessed


  1. As always great post!! Love the reminder :) p.s. I tease my husband all the time the more kids we have to better we up the chances that one of them might stay close to home as adults! Love that you guys make family time.

  2. What a beautiful post and a great reminder!!

  3. Great post! The other day I realized we don't have a nativity and I've been on the lookout for a good one!

    What you said is true, you never know what or where God is going to bring you. I think sometimes if we knew what his plans were we would be running in the other direction, but his plans always turn out amazing! :)

  4. What an incredible post.

    I appreciate every word you've written about the nativity, amazing beautiful... and so right! God loves you & loves this.

  5. oh I love this. and I dont know how I feel like Ive missed your blog lately - I havent been great about keeping up, but Im gonna get better! but seriously you are SO inspiring to me. I hope that I grow into becoming the amazing mama you are, with my own girls. You have the most beautiful family, and beautiful heart to go with it. :) blessings to you today!!!

  6. amen. praise jesus for your dear mama. and for YOU.
    elijah broke our nativity last year, still on the hunt for the right one:) for now, we have a toy version:)

    keep shining his light, sister! love you.

  7. aw i just love this post ... and i love that last pic of you ... so beautiful!

  8. Your mom is a wise person. She did a good job though, you seemed to have turned out well in the end. I know that sometimes those middle parts are hard.

  9. Oh, this post is pure joy. God did such a beautiful thing in your family!

  10. Oh Stephanie I can so relate to the part of this post where you say as you get older you like to keep things simpler and do not feel the need to just keep on the go all the time. I am so there with you, I am enjoying and cherishing the time with my family now and I just love that. I always love reading about your family. You are an inspiration.

  11. What a wonderful mother you have...not giving up on someone...that can be hard to do sometimes!


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