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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Meet Kinze

When I started  blogging earlier this year, I had no idea what a huge blessing it would be to me.
One of the greatest blessings of this whole experience is the precious ladies I have been able to meet and the encouragement of the incredible stories they are sharing.
One of those ladies is Kinze.
She has one of the most gorgeous families I have ever seen. Seriously.
Her heart to make everything she does with her family count eternally is what draws me back to her blog time after time.  She shares her journey of miscarriage with such grace and strength
 and simply said...
she is a blessing.

I was so honored when she asked me to guest post on her blog, schilling times.
That's where I'm at today talking about a thing or two I've learned through the years as a momma.
You will love her blog!  And make sure you check out their super cool Airstream they are remodeling while you're there!

Now....I am so tickled to introduce you to my sweet friend Kinze...


hi ... i'm kinze

and these precious people are the love of my life!


my hubby-josh 
and our three kiddos- ryder, lyla & brooklyn

i'm a stay at home momma!
 i blog over at schilling times
i love to blog ... i find it relaxing ... a time to kick up my feet and relax!
my blog is a place where i write about my life.
i write about my hubby, my kiddos and my faith in God!
  and just this past summer i've decided to use my blog as an outlet to share my story
about my three miscarriages that took place over these past two years.

but today i've chosen to write about my girls and how much they mean to me!
i thought that it would go good with linking up with Honey since she has three girls of her own!

BTW isn't Honey just the coolest gal?! 
i've joked ... but mainly been serious many times
that i wish she would adopt me into her family!
  i love how she puts her family first and there is so much love between them all
that i just can't stand it!  

so onto my post ....

before having kids i always dreamed about having all boys ... yup that's right ... i wanted to have all boys, five to be exact!  the reasons why i was not rooting for girls ... well, to be totally honest ... they scared me!  i was just a little intimidated on being able to dress them all cute and girlie ... back then believe it or not i was not a big fan of shopping and just the thought of dressing lil' girls and making them all cute with all the accessories ta boot was a bit overwhelming for me to even think about.  not only did dressing them scare me ... but just how am i going to be a good momma to them?!  i had my girlfriends growing up ... but i was never one of those "love gossip and drama" kinda girls.

well ... God had a different plan than i ... he did not only bless me with one girl ... but two! 
ha .. and i'm so thankful he didn't listen to my wishes of having a family of all boys!  my girls have made me a better person ... even as young as they are (2 and 3) they have molded me into a softer person.  they brought out the girlie side in me (not that i was a tomboy before ... i just was a lil' tough inside) and they softened my heart!  i look at clothes and accessories so differently now ... i want the best for my girls ... i want to make them feel beautiful and confident in who they are!  they have woke me up to letting others care for me and love on me (such as their daddy)!  i find that when i watch them throw their girlie fits or use their cute little innocent voices and bat their eyes when they want something (yes it starts this young) that i smile .. knowing ... this is who they are ... GIRLS!  i love it ... God is so good!  He is into every detail when He created women ... and detailed us girlies are!  

so thank you Father for blessing me with two amazing young ladies ... 
i pray that they will become strong women of God!


Well Kinze, there is no doubt they will become exactly that...
they have such a great example to follow in you!
Thank you for sharing your heart and your girls with us today.

Stephanie :)


  1. Lovely to meet you and your lovely family. Honey, I know what you mean about the blogging community. It's such special place!

  2. I love Kinze's blog, and YES, she is a fabulous mama!!


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