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Monday, December 12, 2011


 Can I just say that one of the high lights of my day is checking the mail!
I mean..I LOVE it!  I love getting magazines, I love catalogs, I even love junk mail!
But when something unexpected comes in the mail with your name on it...
it's just pure joy for me!

And this box of goodness came last week.
In my excitement, I ripped off the label and stuff before I took a picture,
but this was the box it was mailed in!

Inside was pure Christmas cheer!!
 Casey, one of my dearest friends I made during our Navy years sent this to me!
 My heart did a flip when I lifted the lid of this box and discovered this....

And my favorite is this ornament..
Honey :)
 She has written in the inside, the names of the first two previous owners!
I am owner #3!!  I LOVE it.
 Thank you Casey for surprising me and blessing my socks off!

My sweet little grand-daughter  had a birthday last week.
I was perusing Twitter a couple of weeks ago and came across this picture in a tweet.
HIS GIRL - Hand Stamped Copper and Sterling Necklace with crown
It was handmade with love and prayers by the lovely Lora.
She has a beautiful Etsy shop and encouraging blog called { eager hands}.
I have ordered several pieces from Lora and I can honestly say her heart is as beautiful as her jewelry is that she makes.
eager hands
When I saw the "His Girl" necklace, I KNEW I wanted to give that to my granddaughter to remind her of who she is because of Jesus. Lora went above and beyond to make the package special and pretty and mailed it directly to Rosalyn to receive on her birthday from her Honey and Paw Paw.

The incredible thing is the testimony that Lora shared telling me of the anointing she felt from the Lord as she sat down to make the  necklace.  She shared how she heard the Lord clearly speak the phrase "His Girl" to her heart and she KNEW there was a special person the Lord had led her to make it for that day!
What a blessing! I pray each day for my grand kids that the Lord will use them to impact His Kingdom  while they are here on this earth!  I know He is going to use this little lady in a powerful way!

Here she is after getting her package from the mailbox!
...I think from the look on her face  I've passed my "mail-love" down to her ;)
Here she is wearing it! ~love~
Her momma shared with her the meaning behind the necklace.  I wanted her to have a keepsake for years to come and being that she is only three, I tried to keep it at her  I had written in the card, "As much as Honey and Paw Paw love you, always remember that Jesus loves you more! You are a princess of the King of Kings!"
My daughter said Rosalyn showed everyone, everywhere she went that day and told them all the necklace  said she was  Paw Paw's girl and Jesus's Princess! !
Yes...that she is for sure!! lol
Thank you Lora for making something so special!!
Y'all please do yourself a favor and go check out {Lora's shop} right now!

And the last thing I want to share with y'all about my "mail-love" is this ....
I won the best giveaway and got THIS in the mail!

The amazingly talented Kellie, of Nest of Posies, specially designed this tote to match my blog!!
~Squeal!!!  I LOVE it!!

And today is THE LAST DAY to order any of her ready-to-ship posie pins!!
She will be closing her shop until January after today so HURRY!!
Her flowers are gorgeous and she is offering a 15% discount today!
Just click this picture to go to her blog or shop!

Well, I hope y,all have a lovely Monday!
Go check out Lora and Kellie's shops today.. You will be blessed.
I've got to get busy now finishing up a few custom orders I have to make.
But first....I think I'm gonna go check my mail!!!
Woo Hoo!!!

Stephanie :)

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  1. Your little grand daughter is precious, and what a good gift, it will reminder her that Jesus loves her. I to love mail, although most of it goes directly into the trash. Once in a while there is a gem.

  2. ohmygoodness! you are too sweet.

    thank you so much for the nicest shout out. you are so kind.

    i hope you have the best weeks ahead celebrating His birth! i am so glad to have met you via instagram, blog & shop. looking forward to all our pics to share in the new year! ;)


  3. you are so so sweet!!! thanks so much for your kind words, stephanie. i've been having a rough day, and this totally made me smile. thank you! lora

  4. I LOVE MAIL TOO! My girlfriend and I do this: when we get the package or the letter/card, we hold onto it and carrying it around with us for hours. While we have our coffee or tea. THAT way we can cherish it in our hands, and feel it in our fingers, and make it last because we don't want it to go away!!! Isn't that a great idea! So next time you get something hon, you have to wait a few hours so you can cherish it before opening!!! Just the thought or idea and reality of having something in our hands from the mail is exciting, especially cards or letters and what you received here!!! thanks for sharing! and btw, I love your guest post last week!

  5. I heart real mail! My daughter asked what the sticker was on the sad she doesn't know what a stamp :)

  6. Awe what a sweet post, you are sure loved girl! and your granddaughter is darling :)


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