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Monday, December 19, 2011

mushy gushy

Just in case your white chocolate peppermint macchiato (or whatever yumminess you may be sipping on) ain't sweet enough for you, 
I thought I'd give you a little extra super sweet mushy gushiness 
on this lovely Monday morning... 
But be forewarned. 
 I told you it was mushy.

We were 15 when we first fell "in love".
Got married at the ripe old age of 17.
Had a baby a few weeks later.
Statistically, our marriage shouldn't have made it.
 BUT our God ain't in the statistics business!  Nope.
He takes the most unlikely situation and people
and He does miraculous things so that He can be glorified!
 I love this man more today than I did 25 years ago.
No, let me rephrase that...I'm in love with this man more today than I was 25 years ago.
God did that!

 He is my best friend. 
He is always my first choice to do stuff with.
I mean, I love and treasure my female best friends and I always have a ton of fun when we get together but I never feel the need to "get with my girls" and have girls nights and stuff.
I'm just gonna say it...I told you this was mushy..
He is enough.
He completes me.
I have the most fun when I'm with him.
He makes me a better person.
He makes me want to love Jesus more.

 He overlooks my many faults.
He loves me when I'm overweight and tells me on a daily basis how beautiful he thinks I am.
He never pressures me to look a certain way or be something I'm not.
He just loves me for me.
He could only do that with a transformed heart because I have some very unlovable qualities. 
He loves me like Jesus does.

In the season we are in at the moment,  I get to be with my husband 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
We go everywhere together. 
Except when he goes hunting. I don't hunt.

I got this text last week when he went hunting.
He had only been gone about an hour.
(the white convo is him)

Yeah, I'm one blessed woman.
I know it.
I'm thankful for it.
I ain't ashamed to tell it....
I'm in love!!


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  1. Such a wonderful feeling, love your mushy post -- you 2 are cute!

  2. I hope to have that one day!! Y'all give me a lot of hope. What a precious post!!

  3. You are truly blessed to have one that is your soul mate.

  4. Just the right amount of sweetness to start my day! Ain't God good!! :0)

  5. I love the part about God not being into true & AMEN!

  6. Beautiful, God's glory shines through your marriage and all the mush in that lovely post :-)

  7. Totally mushy but a great post!!!

  8. Oh. My. Your mushy gushy story has me in tears. I love it that my hubby loves me like Jesus loves me too. Thank you for the heart warming beauty.

  9. I just love this post! It made me smile! Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple too!


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