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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Stitch Fix Number 10

 Y'all I am so behind on my Stitch Fix posts. 
I just got my 12th fix on Friday and I'm just now working on fix #10.
SO behind. But let me just say I can't wait to share Fix #12 with y'all!  It was hands down my favorite.  I kept every single piece.

This fix came on Memorial Day weekend.  Which is the weekend Nick and I hosted 27 members of our immediate family at we affectionally call Cow Camp.

I wasn't able to give much thought to my fix in the midst of everything but I was able to snap a few pics. I didn't keep everything because I didn't like how one of the pieces fit.
And once momma loses that 25% discount that you get when you keep all five pieces, then I start getting super selective with what I'm keeping.

Here's the lowdown.
First up was this slub sweater that I really liked.
(The necklace is from a previous fix.  I wear it all the time)

The back had great detail which I loved.

 I tried it on with the second piece…. cobalt blue skinnies.
I loved the pants but I would never wear this top with these pants.
Too matchy matchy for me.

Next up was this coral colored top.
It was super comfortable.  Like pajama comfortable.
And had I kept this top, I could have so worn this on the 4th of July. 

Loved it with my boyfriend jeans and espadrilles.

I probably would have kept all that I've shown you but this dress broke the deal.
I loved the color.  LOVED the color but I didn't like the way it fit me at all.
These two pics are actually way more flattering than it looked in real life.
 These bangles were my fifth item and I loved them.  Great colors but I have stuff similar to these already so I sent them back.

In the end all I kept of this fix were the skinnies.
I had a pair this color that had gotten too big on me and I've been looking for a replacement pair ever since. These are nice and long too.
Here are a few ways I've worn them.
I obviously like black and white with cobalt blue.
 And cute tees with great messages.
This was my my 4th of July traveling clothes.

There you have it. 
My 10th fix. 
Stayed tuned for #11 and #12 coming up SOON.
I'm determined to get caught up.
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Or you can email and we can chat.
I'd love that.

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  1. You are the cutest!!! All of these look so awesome on you that makes me want to get my own stitch fix.


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