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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gettin fancy

Earlier this month I was blessed to be able to take my mom on a trip to North Carolina to spend time with her great grandchildren. I have lots to share from this trip.  It was chock a block full of goodness.  It was such a blessing because Lydia and Lauren was able to come with us too and we had us a bonafide girls trip!

We had a blast just being together hanging out but we wanted to do at least one"fancy" thing to celebrate four generations of our ladies being together and what could be fancier than attending a tea? 

Downtown Wake Forest has a lovely little tea room called Old English Tea Room.  It was my second time taking the grand girls there but it was a first to go with Loni.   I don't think the tea room was prepared for us.  We tried so hard to look like we belonged there and this was something we did on a regular basis.  But I think between the all giggling and taking pictures of every single little detail they were suspicious. But when Loni dropped the tea thinga-magiggy into her cup and tried to dig it out with her fingers but couldn't quite get it…. I think that sealed the deal. The folks figured out we were pretenders! lol.  But oh how fun it was!

First we had to choose a hat.

Then after finding the perfect ones, the selfie-fest started.

This may be one of my all time favorite pics of me with my girls.
It's so getting framed and hung somewhere in my home.

We finally quit all the picture taking and found our way to our table.
Then we took another picture. 
 The man in the corner was SO glad to have this giggling bunch of picture taking females right next to him.   Bless his heart.

After asking the waitress a ton of questions about the menu (bless her heart),  we finally decided on which flavored tea we all wanted.

….and then we waited.

Their scones were SO good.  Plus we were all starving.
We came in with a high tea appetite but had to settle for the low tea.
Did y'all know that fancy tea rooms are expunsive! lol.

That's it girl…get it all.  

We so planned the fact that Lydia's polish matched her tea cup.

And that my cup matched my shirt.  Excuse me, I meant my blouse.  In fancy tea rooms its always called a blouse.  (even though I can't say the word blouse without of thinking of Nacho Libre)

This is my favorite picture from the tea.
My mothers' hands pouring her great grand daughter tea. 
 And Julia Rose's face of anticipation full of cream all over her face….it makes it all worth it.

We may have tasted each other's tea…because we're fancy like that.

All hail Queen Loni!

What a blessed day it was.

I pinch myself that I'm the grandma.
I'm the one responsible for making those memories these little ladies will cherish.

I hope she always remembers the day she wore a fancy red hat and necklace and sipped raspberry tea from a fancy cup and ate scones with cream and laughed til she cried with all the ladies in her family.

Even though we've had a ton of tea parties in our pajamas at the kitchen table while Paw Paw pours the "tea"…sometimes you just gotta get fancier than your normal fancy.


  1. Well afternoon tea is one of my favorite things. A fancy hat and daughters just make it that much sweeter. Looks like a fun day! Your girls are beautiful like their mama. And her mama : )

  2. Love all the selfies. All the girls in your family are gorgeous. And I do believe I have the skirt you have on! I love the way you belted it.

  3. That looked like way toooooo much fun! What gorgeous ladies and what a time to remember. You always do life beautifully!

  4. Thank you for sharing your special day with all of us! It looks like so much fun .. all the hats and tea cups ... So happy that you have all of your girls there with you !! Awesome pictures you'll treasure for a lifetime ~ thanks again~ I really enjoy and look forward to your Blogs!

  5. I've looked at this post so many times since you posted it. It just makes me happy!


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