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Friday, July 25, 2014

Stitch Fix #11...the one that got away

    If there ever was a fix I regretted my decisions on,  it is this one.
Y'all bear with with me on all the pics of this daisy kinomo because pics are all I have.
My stylist must have thought I was crazy when this thing came back in the mail to them.

I felt like it wasn't flattering on me when I was trying it on.
But my goodness…it's a kimono Stephanie. Not a bathing suit.

I think this picture was one of the ones that sealed the deal.  It always felt like it was riding up in the front and you can kind of see it that here.  Still…..I'm super sad I didn't keep it.
Next up was this sleeveless blouse.
I loved the color and details by the neck.

I loved it tucked in with my blue maxi skirt and belted.
This belt was too big…I had it knotted in the back and i couldn't pull it tight enough.
Tried to find a similar one so that I could wear this to a wedding we had coming up.

And then there was this!
Eeeep!  I tried it on with my vintage pleated maxi skirt I bought while thrifting with my mom in Louisiana.  It goes all the way to the floor and I was estacic when I found it for $3.99. My mom thought I was crazy.  It's straight up polyester.  :)

Then we had this great boho top.
I loved the beading all down the front.  It was super sheer and could actually be used for a swim suit cover up if you wanted to.

 I love the color and I'm super sad I didn't keep this one either .

The fourth item were these earrings that are gorgeous!

And lastly, this dress.
My family gave it a major thumbs down. Nick thought it looked like a  cover up  and it was a little on the pricey side so I didn't want to keep it if I didn't love it.  

IF you keep all five pieces they send you, you get a 25% discount.
Once I knew I wasn't' keeping the dress then I got picky.
Too picky for my own good.

Let's look at those daisies one more time shall we?

sigh.  Crazy me.

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  1. Seriously. That pleated skirt for 3.99?! Divine!

  2. Well you should have kept it all(: You look great in everything. And I am digging your Noonday necklace! Susan

  3. I agree with Susan. You should have kept it all. I even liked the dress. You could style it with all your extra pieces and tada! I'm making you feel worse, right? Sorry. You always look great in anything you wear.

  4. love that blue shirt. and the dress. and you.

  5. Love the kimono! There are two that are very close to the same one on ebay for less than $30 right now. Just search "black daisy kimono". You are so cute!


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