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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stich Fix No 9

 Stitch Fix number Nine!

I'm pleased to announce that my sweet stylist Catherine was back! She was just on a vacation last month when they replaced her with Margaret.  After reading my blog post last month, Stitch Fix headquarters actually emailed me.  They are top notch when it comes to customer service.  Top Notch.

Well without further ado….here's what my sweet girl chose for me.

This Maxi dress.  I LOVED it.
My husband not so much.
I felt like one of Wonder Woman's sistas who lived on Paradise Island.
This was a keeper but I discovered a spot on the dress. They didn't have another one in stock to replace it and offered a discount on this one but since it wasn't a favorite of Nick's to start with and worried I couldn't get the spot out, I decided to pass on keeping it.  
 I'm totally regretting that decision looking at these pictures. 
Hoping Catherine will send something very similar in another fix.  I love Maxi dresses and this was my first one she had sent.

One thing I have never showed y'all on here are the styling cards they send you with each piece. I keep all of mine and use them for inspiration for outfits with stuff already in my closet.

I thought I'd try to create some of the outfits they suggested using the cards.
Here is the maxi dress.  They paired it with a denim jacket.

I loved the look!  But of course I love my denim jacket with everything so…

 Next up was this tribal print sleeveless top.

It was pretty cute.

This was what I came up with from the card inspiration.
(sorry it's blurry)  I really liked it with the pencil skirt and pumps and probably would have never dressed it up this much on my own.

Next up was this embroidered white tank.  I'm loving all things embroidered right now and this was such a versatile piece!  I had so much fun pairing with different stuff in my closet.  I even pulled out my very first Stitch Fix piece I ever bought!  This great necklace! I love the colors and it works great with the neck line.

 Then I pulled out my "dressier" jeans and my favorite Noonday earrings.  Loved the look.
 How about a bohemian vibe with this great crocheted handkerchief hem skirt?

 Here's the suggestion card for the top,

I didn't have a polka dot skirt but I did have a striped one.

Next up was this great purple swing skirt.  I kept the embroidered blouse on with this first. Catherine suggested pairing the two and I think it looks great together.  
 I also tried it with my jersey dolman top from fix number 6 and with my black peplum top and cheetah pumps.

My favorite was belted with this top from my third fix!  
Here are the styling suggestions. I love it with the red but just didn't have anything in the right style to make this outfit work.

And last  up was my absolute all time favorite that Catherine has ever sent me.
I LOVED the fabric and the retro feel.

It had a classy look and I felt like I could smooge with the fancy folks at Cape Cod or Martha's Vineyard or some place like that..The only problem was that is was a tad too short for me. If I even slightly raised my hands, the dress was inappropriate for me. Everything else was PERFECT.  I may have shed a tear when I folded this beauty back up and put it in the envelope.  I'm hoping Catherine can find something similar with a longer hemline.
There you have it.
Fix number nine!  Wasn't it beautiful!
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If you'd like a personal stylist of your own and start receiving boxes of beauteous stuff of your own right to your door, then click here for all the details.


  1. Goodness gracious,'re gorgeous! You've almost convinced me that I need a Stitch Fix!!! Love all of these looks!

  2. love it!!!! i hate you didn't keep that first dress! it looks great on you! i need to look into this. I love the suggestion cards! Thats brilliant!!

  3. you are so cute! i love stitch fix too - my girl is jenna ;)

  4. Do you think it would be ok if I called Stitch Fix and asked them to send me Honey's box please? Everything is amazing!!! You look totally gorgeous - hot mama!! I love it! Oh, and I voted for you a couple of times(: Susan

  5. I loved the Maxi dress on you but bet they'll find you another one. And, the purple skirt was just too cute! Always enjoy your Stitch Fix. I still have not signed up but maybe one day.

  6. I love Maxi dresses, too. They are my go-to piece in the summer. You look good in everything. Amazing.

  7. This stitch fix box was amazing! Next time something feels a tad too short see if you can't take it to a seamstress to add a hemline (a hem in the same cream color as the belt would have looked pretty!)

  8. Have you ever heard of slip extenders that lengthen the hemline? They allow you to dress cute yet modest!

    1. I was just coming on to comment with the same suggestion. Another woman who I follow has the cutest extender slips for her dresses. Make the postman bring those two dresses back ASAP!

  9. Lovely items! So many great outfit options with your new items and existing wardrobe. The perfection of Stitchfix at its finest :) Stopping by from Stitchfix Reviews.

  10. Love, love, love the crochet top, and I asked them not to send me any white! Might have to re-think that one.

  11. I put several or your pix on my "StitchFix Ideas" and they have been RE-pinned by others so many times! I don't know if you see that or not so I wanted to let you know. The pictures all link back to your blog. Thanks for sharing these.


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