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Friday, November 8, 2013

My Third Fix {Stitch Fix}

Last week I received my third fix from Stitch Fix.
If you want to read about the other fixes just click here and  here.

They just keep getting better and better.
And funner and funner.
I know that is poor grammar but seriously, when that little box arrives I get plum giddy.
This one was my fave by far.  My stylist, Catherine, knocked it out the park.

First up was this stripe and colorblock henley blouse.  She had me at the black and white stripes but then they added the kelly green and I was in love.  The little puff sleeves are cute too and it came with a super nice and stretchy black cami that I plan on wearing under everything.  It was so comfortable.
I plan on wearing it with a black pencil skirt too to dress it up some.
So this one was a win.

 Next up was this sweater. 
It is super lightweight and sheer. I tried it on first with a nude cami under it.
I love this look.  But it's lightweight enough to wear under a cardigan or blazer too.

I love how different it looks just by changing my boots.
It is definitely a keeper too.
 And this scarf was in my fix…its a great color that will go with a lot.
Plus I really like birds.  And it has birds.  :)
I kept it too.

Last month I had a pair of jeans in my fix but they were too big so I didn't keep them.
She sent me another pair in this one.  They are totally different than anything I have and I honestly would not have even pulled them off the rack in a store.  But that's what makes Stitch Fix so fun and personal stylists the jam.I absolutely loved them once I put them on.
They are super stretchy and comfortable.  It's like wearing yoga pants but you are dressed up.
That's a win win in my book. 

They are boot cut jeans but still skinny enough to tuck in all my boots.
So….I kept the jeans too.

          I put a black cami on underneath the sheer sweater and loved the way it changed  up the look.
I can't wait to try other colors under it too.

The last thing in the box was this black and white (again….eep!) zig zag top!
It was love at first sight.  It's so versatile and it fit great.
I love the high-low feature.  That always looks so cute peeking out of sweaters at the bottom.

Ok… I got bold and pulled out my red skinny jeans.
I promise they are not as blinding bright as in these pics!
 Got really bold and paired it with ankle booties, mustard scarf and black cardi.  
Nick gave it a thumbs down…me too. Maybe the booties with my regular jeans but not the bright red ones.  However,  I loved it with my black pumps and blazer. 
These Nine West pumps I found at a thrift store are quickly becoming my favorite shoe.
They make your legs stretch for miles.

 The pumps are fun but this last look is my what I'd probably wear most often.
I mean who doesn't love their trusty denim jacket?

Well there you have it…my third fix in all its glory!
If you think you might want to give it a try yourself, just click here for all the details.

You can also email me with any questions you might have.  I'd love to hear from you.
If you signed up for a fix, please let me know how you liked it!  Some of y'all have tagged me in pics on Instagram and I'm loving it!

Oh…and for those who are new, Stitch Fix in a nutshell, is a company who assigns you a personal stylist who learns your body type and style.  Then your stylists sends you what she thinks will look fabulous on you.  You keep what like and send back what you don't in a postage paid bag.  You only pay for what you keep.  It's super easy and so much fun.

 I hope y'all are having a great week!


  1. I love that sweater on you too and the zig zag is fun, you could wear that forevs!!! The sweater you are keeping would look amazing with black skinnies or black pants. I love these posts, fun times steph, that's cool to hear the fixes get better and better and "funner and funner" ;)


  2. so cute! LOVE the first top, and love that zig zag shirt with those pumps...HOT! :) Everything looks great on you!

  3. You seriously look amazing in all of it! That first top with the green is so fun. And I love the scarf. Beautiful!

  4. You weren't kidding, she really did hit it out the park! My favorites on you are the stripey shirt and the zig zag one, so flattering!

  5. I realize this post is kinda old, but I've been viewing all your Stitch Fix reviews, and I had to tell you - the jeans they sent look AMAZING on you!!

  6. adorable! I love every piece in most of your fixes, I wish I could match my "style" to yours!

  7. So cute!! I love ever yone of your fix pieces! I wish I could copy your "style profile", I get my first one end of May, couldn't be more excited!!


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