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Monday, November 25, 2013

My new gig

So you may have seen my face floating around instagram or Facebook modeling for a boutique called Edna Grayce's.  Yeah...well I wanted to tell you a little bit about that and why I have decided to do this.

I always want to honor God with the platform and influence He's given me through social media. I want to make His name known through my family and every day life He has blessed me with.  So how does fashion honor God?  I know some may say it promotes worldliness or that it causes discontent in the hearts of women.  Well, while some of that can certainly be true, fashion…just like many other things… when used right can honor God and be used to make His name known.

Let me share the background of Edna Grayce's. Behind that name is a young woman who isn't big as a minute but has dreams the size of Texas and a determination to match.

 Meet Sera Beth…. better known as Boo. 

   She is a quiet little thing and is a member of our church.  She is engaged to one of the young men who has grown up out here in Porterville. 

We share many of the same passions….
Although our pasts are very different situations, she and I both have a connection and strong passion for pro life.  You can read about my story here.  Boo's story is amazing…she's a special young lady who God has used to glorify His name even before she was born.  Her mom has an incredible testimony of how she planned to have an abortion when she discovered she was pregnant with her. But God stopped the doctor from performing the abortion while she was on the table. She was literally on the table, prepped and waiting for the dr to begin when he said he didn't understand it but that he could not perform her procedure.  It was through the power of prayer of others pleading for the life she was carrying that God routed an amazing miracle and touched the heart of an abortionist.   It's an incredible story. Her mom is a retired school teacher who is now the head of the Center for Pregnancy Choices here in Meridian and she's being used to impact and help many.  God is so good!

(I can hook you up with one of these t-shirts too if you're interested)

We have a passion for all things wedding.  She helped me beyond my wildest dreams with crazy projects I had for Lauren's big day.  This amazing marquee is one of the projects she and Brandon made for us.  There was a lot of time and love that went into it.  I  pray I can do the same for them in March when their wedding is here!

And we share this passion for fashion.
What makes me excited about Edna Grayce's is how she gives to ministries each month from her sales.  10% of whatever she makes, she gives to a ministry that she has a heart and burden for.   And that's just the beginning of what she wants to do through this business.  Listening to her  share her dreams  is  a treat…she has so much up her sleeve and so many ideas to be an outreach. Her wheels are always turning.
(a little behind the scenes action…modeling is tiresome! lol. )

Last month she was supporting her sorority's mission trip they are going on.  She had an amount in her heart that kept coming up that she felt was what she supposed to give.  It was a big amount.  She had a great month of sales but that amount was still way more than the 10% but she stepped out on faith and sent it anyways.  Just a few days later she began to sell these tshirts.
 …and within a couple of days, the difference was made.  God is using her business to build faith in many! I share that, not to boast in her but to boast in God! He wants to so much through us if we will only trust Him.

Oh…and in case you're wondering, I'm not getting paid to say or write any of this.  I'm not doing it for free clothes…(although she has blessed me a time or two.  Boom shakalaka. )

I'm doing it because I believe in her dream.  I believe she is a perfect example of how we can use whatever passion God has given us to glorify Him….it doesn't have to be "spiritual" or "churchy" to be used to make His name known to the world and reach people for Him.  I want to support those who find creative ways to do that.   I want to encourage and under gird those who are hustling to make their dreams a reality.  I want to invest my time into those who are growing in grace and who want to share that with others.

So that's the reason why I've stepped out of my comfort zone and stepped in front of a camera and now my mug pops up in all sorts of places.  I pray the same for Boo that I pray for my own daughters in the endeavors the Lord has them in….

That it would be "exceedingly and abundantly above all that she could ever think of or ask for".  (Ephesians 3:20)  That as long as she follows hard after God in her desire to honor Him that He would bless her business bigger than anything she has pictured in her mind or heart.

And I'll keep having fun with this new gig of mine.
Did I mention I have a major crush on the photographer?
Cuz I do.

I know Nick never dreamed he'd add fashion photographer to his long list of things he has done as a pastor! lol! He's such a patient man.  I'm pretty sure he has earned a crown or two with this thing that we've gotten him involved in. lol.

So.  Now you know a little bit behind about the reason why I do what I do next time you see a pic of me in some cute Edna Grayce's outfit.   

Edna Grayce's will be launching it's own website soon but until then, it can be found locally here in the Meridian area selling out at trunk shows and craft fairs.
She also has flash sales on instagram (@ednagrayces) and Facebook too.


  1. Hey Stepanie! I want to but one of the Every child is a gift shirts! I work at our Women's Resource Center in Natchitoches which is a faith based clinic and everyone will love this shirt! Tell me what I need to do. Thanks, Jana

  2. i love sera! i found out about her through you! :) and i've got three of her cardigans! thank you for spreading the word about her! :)

  3. What a lovely young lady. Thank you for introducing her. I love her t-shirts.

  4. That's why I love you. Pure heart. Go you supermodel:) l'll have to check her out. Love that big blousey patterned shirt you had on. I would wear that in a heartbeat.

  5. Hi! Found you thru @farmgirlpaints IG feed and I love you already! We have dear friends who are "honey and big E" to their grandkids and you and Nina would get along famously! Please share where you got the every child shirt! You can email me -
    Thanks and I can't wait to read more of your blog!

  6. Love Edna Grayce's shop and hearing about her heart behind her ministry. Saw this article today on Crosswalk and I love how it parallels what you said. <3

  7. I want one of the Pray Believe and Never give up shirts! Are they available for purchase? Please email me

  8. Oh I love this so very much. I have new admiration for "Boo" now, not just because she shares my childhood nickname but because her heart is HUGE, just like yours! Sending prayers and support to you both on this lovely journey! XO

  9. Y'all are too sweet for all of these comments!!! They mean the world to me:)) I wanted to let everybody know that the t-shirt with the baby on them will be available tonight at 8:00 PM CST on my Facebook Page and on my Instagram. I have ordered the Pray, Belive, and Never Give Up tops again but it will be a week or so before they come in!!!! @ednagrayces

  10. Good for you! It's a win win situation for both of you! May the Lord continue to bless her business as she lives for HIM. And, blessings to you!


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