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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Life Lessons on the Monkey Bars

I learn so much about myself and my walk with the Lord through my grand kids.
It never fails. Every visit they teach me something.
And this last visit was no different.

I love watching my husband interact with them.
The most tender part of him emerges when they are around. 
There is nothing he won't do for one of them. 
He wants to bestow on them every ounce of goodness he has.
I love how he teaches them every chance he gets…trying to impart wisdom into their little lives.
He always answers the tough questions they ask with such tenderness and patience.
That they can to come to us with  anything _ for anything _  and that they know this.
He wants them to have fun when they are with us…to leave our presence with sweet memories of good stuff.    Fun times.   Lessons learned.
To always want more and more of Honey and Paw Paw.

We had an impromptu picnic while they were here this last time.
I just soaked this scene up as I watched Rosalyn enjoying her Paw Paw so much.
I'm so grateful I had my camera with me to capture it.

She was a little timid about the monkey bars…hanging upside down was kinda scary.
But she trusted her Paw Paw and just let herself go knowing he was not gonna let her fall.

Her giggles could be heard all over the playground along side of her Paw Paw's reassuring voice that he had her and that she wasn't going to fall.

Her sweet little face after she did it was priceless to me.
She was so proud of herself.
Genuinely happy because she "did it".

Then her Paw Paw took her into arms and they shared the joy together.

 She smiled as she listened to him tell her how proud he was of her and that he knew she could do it.
It was a great moment to see.

Watching them made me think of me and the Lord.
He wants to do that for me. With me.
He wants me to just let go and trust Him.  To know He won't drop me.
Nick didn't sit on a bench and holler across the park that Rosalyn could do it.
No, he was there with her…right by her side.
 And God is the same
He's gonna go through the hard things He asks of me with me. 
Right along side of me.
He wants me come to Him with anything _ for everything _

It's such a simple thing but sometimes I don't.
Instead, I fret.   I worry.  I sometimes pout. 
I let my fears of the unknown and the "what ifs" rob me of joy.
I mean how many moments like this one have I missed out on over the years?
Of the pure joy of trusting God enough to let go and let Him do something amazing in me?
Through me that would even cause joy to well up in others lives as they watched my obedience like Rosalyn caused in me.

Seeing these two, watching them together has given me a fresh awareness.
A renewed passion to trust my heavenly Father with His plan for each day.
Whatever it brings.
…..Even if it means letting go on the monkey bars.  

I know He's not gonna drop me.
And I want the world to hear my giggles that come from the joy of trusting Him. 

How about you?  
Have you been missing out on moments like this one with the Lord?
Just let go.  He's not gonna drop you either.

"Cast all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you."
1 Peter 5:7


  1. That brought tears to my eyes! Such a sweet reminder....

  2. Sigh:) Your grandchildren are so blessed to have you as grandparents! Your family is such an inspiration. Thank you! Susan

  3. oh, steph.
    this blesses me so.
    love you.

  4. ohhhhh such good stuff! such a sweet message and adorable photos.!

  5. Thank you for sharing this! I'm a newbie pastors wife and sometimes things can get pretty overwhelming. This is a lovely reminder that God is with me. Thanks!

  6. it' s nice to see how the events of everyday life and extraordinary lead us to make profound reflections on the Lord and His presence in our llives✨

  7. I absolutely love this! And I'm glad you were able to capture the images to go along with the lesson :) All too often I need reminded that He won't drop me. But I never thought about the joy that comes from the trusting, thank you so much for that new insight my dear friend!


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