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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This and That and Moving Day

**I sat down to write this on Monday while grand babies were napping.  Then they woke up.  SO I was gonna finish it that night.  Then the electricity went out.  Didn't even try yesterday cuz I was operating on a few hours sleep.  I'm still wearing the same pajamas from Monday night and today is Wednesday...... You mommas of pre-schoolers and babies ROCK!!... especially my daughter!  SHe is a ROCK STAR!  She's blessed with three sweeties ages 3, 2 and 9months old.  
Wow. Fun stuff but I am pooped I tell you!

The wedding is 12 10 days away and honestly and unbelievably, 
 I am chilled out and enjoying the ride.
It's God's grace I tell you.

Here are a few of the fun things we've been up to..

We had some one on one with Lydia that made the middle child in her smile!
We shopped, we laughed, we went to a movie and then had a little  pig out fest.

I celebrated God's grace in our family once again as my momma had her 41st  "New-Birthday".
I sent her a text with the little jingle that a sweet friend just shared with me on mine...
Happy Birthday to you,
One birth will not do.
Born again in Christ Jesus,
Happy Birthday to you.

This is the text she sent back to me.
God is so good.
I don't take for granted what a gift He has given to me in my mom.

Then me and Lydia had a bridal photo shoot...
I wish I could show you some of that but that is top secret!
Even her daddy hasn't seen her dress.
She looked beautiful!!
It got me so pumped up for this wedding!  

Was totally wiped out after that...(you photographers ROCK too!!) and I think I got the best night's sleep ever! I so did not want to get up and then it hit me........
I get to see the grand kids today!   
Woo Hoo!  That changed things. Perspective is a powerful motivator.
I was like a kid on Christmas roaring ready to go!
Hence the smile.

And then just a few minutes after the above pic was taken, We discovered that our little Ace Man had passed away sometime during the early morning. He was our little 6 lb black toy poodle. 
We had him for 12 years and he was such a part of our family.
This pic was taken before he had turned gray.
We are missing him.
(all I could think was, "Embrace Stephanie...Embrace")

This event kind of shook things up
a bit but there was no time to stop and think about it at the time.
So we hopped in the car with JuJu..(you can read bout her here)
and we headed to Alabama.

Cuz it was Moving Day!  :)

Here's a touch of our weekend.
In a few words:
Cleaning, Packing, chick-fil-e, Ipads, Cleaning, Packing, Chick-fil-e, Ipads, Cleaning, packing...

When the house is packed and all the toys and tv are loaded....the iPad is ah-maz-ing!!
Like angels singing hallelujah amazing!   #lifesaver

And check out those dirty feet.  :)

Poor Paw Paw ended up on two leaky air mattresses that slid and bucked him all night long.
He never complains.  Even when he had to sleep with hot pink sheets that were dirty cuz his grand daughter had peed on them earlier....But we couldn't wash them cuz the  washer/dryer was packed up. (Surprise Hon! case you weren't aware of that.  But for the record, I slept with them the night before) Gross I know but you do what you gotta do. :)

On Sunday evening, once we got the entire house spic and span and the van was completely loaded,
Me, Nick and Robin sat out in the garage while the floors dried and we waited for Chris, Elizabeth and the kids to get home from the going away reception their church blessed them with.
This was the beautiful view the Lord provided for us as we waited.  
His faithfulness through all of this deserves an entire post of its own.
I hope to share with y'all soon of what all He has been up to.
Nothing in this entire process has been easy by any means...but His grace and peace  has been overwhelming.  Whew!!! We serve an awesome God!!  Makes me want to shout!

They got home around 8:00pm, we loaded up the last little bits of this and that, the kids kissed their parents goodbye and we strapped them in for ride home.  We pulled out a little after 9 and pulled into our driveway right around midnight.
After the kids slept the entire drive, they were wide awake. We were dead tired. lol
Aunt Lydia took this around 1:30 am....they were all still awake and wanting to sleep with Honey and Paw Paw.  Good times.  
Pray for me and little Nate Dog this week if you think about it.  
He still nurses and this is his first time away from his momma.  He was really missing her around 3am and again around 6am.....

I know it's now Wednesday but I'm linking up with this lovely lady anyways...
bits of splendor monday  

Stephanie :)

ps.  I promise after the wedding I have recipes and tutorials and all that stuff up my sleeve.  Until then, you get "my life". ...Right now, it's all I got.  Sorry.


  1. your mom's note...recognizing she was stubborn and heard headed, recognizing the redemption in her life. you are blessed, stephanie!

    how you delight in your the details...keep it up! post about it again and again for His glory. it encourages me to continue to delight; to EMBRACE my every detail, too.

    hot pink pee sheets?!? you are hands down the best g-parents ever.

    sorry about your loss.

    may God continue to magnify his grace upon grace and goodness on you in Christ Jesus.

  2. I absolutely LOVE this post! Missing my babies something fierce, but I KNOW they are in good hands. Sorry about Nate. He will wear you out. I guess I'm just used to it. He's rotten, I know :( You don't even know y'all have helped out with keeping them this week! It would have been impossible if they were here! YOU ROCK, Honey!!! Only a few more days, haha!!! :)

  3. this week looks AWESOME!! ..congrats to your mom! (:


  4. You rock! Now I'm singing Shane and Shane and it's one that takes weeks to get out of my head. A good thing.
    "Makes me wanna shout
    Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus
    Lord, you're worthy
    Of all of the glory
    and all the honor
    and all the praise!"
    If you don't know it, you need to go listen to it. It's so appropriate for you're mother's spiritual birthday. (Happy Birthday to her!)

  5. What a wonderful thing to celebrate your mom's most important birthday! You sure are busy! Will keep you in my prayers for peace, strength, and endurance.

  6. You've been on my mind this week & in my prayers. 10 days! Wow that will go by so fast. You'll be in my prayers! Hope the rest of this week goes well & the wedding week is amazing!

  7. well, your life sure is fun. praying for you and nate. yikes.

  8. I get to feeling overwhelmed and then I think of what Stephanie has going on...girl you are handling it all awesomely!

    I'm sorry for the loss of your dog. Ours has suffered a severe injury and is still with us for now but we're not sure how much longer so my heart really goes out to you!

    Praying for continued strength for you in these upcoming weeks!

  9. such a busy swirl in your life right now!
    those grandbabies are PRECIOUS.
    oh! the excitement!
    i pray that you will get rest and have a perfect peace over these next few days/weeks.
    God is so good, all the time.
    i cannot get over the text from your mama.
    makes me all teary, little miss deary!
    blessed! blessed! blessed! indeed!
    much love to you.

  10. You are amazing! What a blessing you are to your family. Those grandbabies must love you to pieces!

  11. Hi there! I just found your blog and I love it! It is so sweet and such a great way to document your life as a mom and grandma! I am now your newest follower!

    Come by and say hello sometime if you like!

    -Adriane @

  12. + wow. 41 years! that's so awesome and encouraging.
    + sorry about your pup :(
    + your granddaughters have the cutest little curls. :]

  13. i love your life. so keep it up! xo

    also, hooray for your mama! i'm coming up on 13 years new the end of august:) praise jesus!

    praying for y'all this week. FUN CITY!
    love you xo

  14. I just sat down to catch up on blog reading...ever since I started insta-gram-ing I have been horrible about the blogs and I miss it! Anyway, I can't tell you how excited I am about the wedding this weekend. You Holden's are going to have a great time. I am absolutely living vicariously through you guys via insta gram, heck at this point so is my oldest daughter! She just loves following Lauren especially cause they are only a year apart. Plus the fact that we spend time with Jode, Heather and the kids we feel like we know the whole family! I am praying for a wonderful, sweet, peaceful wedding for Lydia and Marcus and for you to "embrace" one more empty room in the house. :) Good luck with all the planning and prepping, I am sure it will go great!


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