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Saturday, June 2, 2012


Well... I did way better in May than I did in April.
Can't promise much in June...we got a little sumpin sumpin going down in our family in June!
No biggie....  :) 

Here's my May pic's... 
for all you OCD people out there, you may want to shut your eyes and not look at this collage.  
I made it on my phone late at night without my reading glasses.   
I thought it looked beau-t-full....until it popped up on my big screen. 
Lots of boo boos with lining up the the little squares.
But my time is more precious to me than being perfect...
so it is what it is  :)

** Something I discovered when I posted this....
See number 14?  It says grass. 
Notice the pic I posted that day...
(it's on the third row all the way to the end)
Notice it's not a pic of grass.  .... I thought it said GROSS.
So I shared a pic of my sweaty roots that are in desperate need of a touch up!! 
Oh my.  I've GOT to start wearing those reading glasses I bought. 

Stephanie :)
ps. i'm honeyholden on instagram.  Say hello to me on there.. :)


  1. Grass--gross...close enough. :) Love the pics! I'm going to try join in the fun this month. I love all your pics!

  2. haha that is so funny/// at least you noticed...I probably wouldn't have ;)


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