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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fun City

Have you ever been to Fun City?
I highly recommend it.
Here are a few things we did while visiting...

Took in the sights... so cute I could eat her!

Discovered Lauren was a baby whisper.
She has the touch y'all.

Giggled a lot..

When you visit Fun City... i also highly recommend you pray for a power outage!   We would have missed out on some serious fun if that hadn't happened.

Movies in the middle of the day are fun.

Look at this face....I mean, is that a stud muffin or what?!  He is super fun.

Here are a few more things we did in Fun city.
Met a real live princess and discovered banana phones are all the rage among the royals.
Pulled out the play-doh..

Kicked it old school....
Enjoyed the live entertainment...
Roslayn, "Whatever you do... TRUST GOD!"
Jules, "Aaaaaa-MEN!"
(yay to their vbs teachers!....they "got it")
Even medicine time is awesome while at Fun City...
Kicked it old school some more.

Prayed for no more broke legs...
Cuz everyone knows super high heels are the shoe of choice at Fun City.

And hanging out in Honey's lap is THE place to sit while at Fun City.....According to Julia Rose that is.  lol This is me trying to slip in a little wedding project stuff at the kitchen table.  Jules didn't fall for it.  Oh well.

Riding on Mr. Bill's Ranger is a must!!  Super FUN.

Naps are fun.

4-wheeler riding with Paw Paw several times a day is crazy fun.

Playing outside is fun. 

Picnics with Aunt Lauren are fun.

Sisters are fun.

Saying the blessing is fun.

Pouting when it's time to come in is not fun.

Even not being able to sleep after Nate's 3:30 am wake up call can be fun...when you make a pot of coffee, and get a BUNCH done in the wee hours of the morning while everyone else is sleeping.

Getting my hair did is fun...was a little nervous though cuz "my girl" whose been doing my hair for like 6 years just had a baby and I had to find someone else one week before the wedding.  FUN!

It turned out great..(whew) and she even styled it straight which is something I NEVER do.
My momma saw the pic on ig titled "My new do" she asks me, "You're not doing it like that for the wedding, huh?"   No mom. I'm not. .....gotta love her.   I AM gonna get that  bumper sticker one day.  Loni...keeping it real since 43.   Yep.  Fun City.

Had a little photo shoot with Nate Dog.  I have portraits of all three of my girls in a washtub when they were this age.  And then I got the grand-girls portraits made at this age.  So it was Nate's turn.  Only this time, I took them myself.  This was the only time I pulled out my super fancy new Nikon D90 all week.... and even still,  this pic here was taken with the my iPhone of the pic through the camera's viewfinder!...

Paw Paw's lap is fun.

"Hold me Honey" was hands down the most heard words of the entire week.  I loved it.
 Super Fun City.

Here we are wrapping up our Fun City trip "Grandkids edition".
Very appropriate it ended with Jules in my lap. lol.
Her sister and brother were conked out sleeping while we waited for their mom and dad to meet us.
My little monkey got her some Honey time in all the way to the very end.
Fun City!

Stephanie :)


  1. SOOOOO sweet!!! I love the "village" you guys are for each other in raising family.

  2. I want to go to fun city!! Your hair looked beautiful straight! I loved the photo sequencing where you were holding her granddaughter trying to get wedding stuff done at the kitchen table and the last pic is sitting with your feet up relaxing. Too cute!

  3. So sweet. Been thinking about you in this season of your life. :)

  4. the picture of nate being all stud muffin like...oh my!
    he's a baby and he smolders. how does he know how to smolder?
    you all better keep an eye on that one. ;)

    when i'm a grammy SOMEDAY i hope i'm as cool as you.

    thinking about you and your family this week and sending up prayers.

    the countdown is on woot-woot!!!

  5. What a trip! I wanna come next time, hehehe. What an amazing time you all had, such a blessing. Those little girlies are sure to have some wonderful memories!

    best of luck as the wedding approaches! Thinking of you girl ;)

  6. You are an amazing grandma...your grandkiddos look like they had so much fun with you! and you got some amazing shots to remember your time together=) How fun:)

  7. what cuties! your house is so full of joy!

  8. you are hands down the PRETTIEST g-ma EVER!

    the straight hair looks FAB. but make it BIG HAIR "y'all" for the wedding ...cause wedding are big hair events, amen?!

    the napping image...PRICELESS. frame it. it would make you smile every single time you looked at it. heck, i might frame it! :-)

  9. You are such a fun grandma! Also, you are absolutely stunning and I can't believe you are old enough to be a grandma :) I've followed you on ig for awhile and I'm so happy for your family and love seeing all your adventures!

  10. I'm coming to fun city. One day...I'm coming.

  11. getting caught up on all things all the pics with the grandkids. You and Nick are awesome grandparents! xoxo

  12. I love your hair! You should definitely keep it like that.


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