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Friday, October 21, 2011

Smile :)

Happy Friday Y'all.
Here are just a few things that have made me smile this past week...

This chicken..
She's a modest thing huh!  lol

Making these cake pops with Lauren..
Who wouldn't smile when sprinkles are involved?

This shelf...
Getting control of my chaos and getting a little organized has definitely made me smile this week.

 This little corner in my laundry room...
I know to y'all it doesn't look like much but
1. You didn't see the "before" pic.. whoa!
2. We ate dinner at our clean kitchen table last night for the first time in forevah!

Discovering these...
Part of the laundry room project meant moving all the grandbabies toys out to the shed. {sniff}
But upon doing that, I discovered Rosalyn's long lost favorite pink sparkly flip flops.
Apparently she and Jules decided to bake them last time they were here. lol

This paint..
Having a freshly painted kitchen in  this lovely color called Aqua Rapids has definitely made me smile.
(saving pics for another day)

This little happy corner in my kitchen...
The Sunshine print was free from sweet Christina at Littlefashiondiary.
That alone would make me smile but then throw in my new wall color and the bowl of lemons and well I'm a smilin fool :)
{the bowl used to be brass...spray paint makes me smile too}

And last but certainly not least....
This face makes me smile.
She makes me smile a lot!

Hope you smile a lot too this weekend!
Stephanie :)

linking up with a few friends today.
That makes me smile too :)
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  1. Love that color! I need to add that color to my home -- but it would mean replacing almost everything. Which, of course, I'd love to do, but which, of course again, the budget just wouldn't allow.

    And I'd hang out in that corner in your laundry room -- too cute!


  2. Organizing and getting rid of clutter makes me smile! :) I also love your little corner in the kitchen... so bright and cheerful! The last picture melts my heart. We don't have the ability to Skype currently but my daughter misses her grandparents dearly and I think they ability to Skype with them would be wonderful! Have a wonderful Friday!

  3. I LOL at that chicken!!! Your paint color looks quite similar to my bedroom color:)Of course it's not painted yet and the can has been sitting here.........

    Happy InstaFriday! Come visit me back :)


  4. smiles to all of them! That chicken looks great! and...yes to the sprinkles, cleaning, and finding long lost flip flops ;)

  5. I've been wanting one of those cake pop makers! My 5 year old and I are itchin' to try them.

    Glad your "smiling" :)

  6. Ohhhhhh, cant wait to see kitchen.....great color!!!

    And the chicken is hilarious!!!

    Happy Friday

  7. Great pics!! LOVE that Sunshine print!

  8. I brought home the same chicken to my family for dinner last night- sometimes it's the best thing to do!

  9. Cracking up at the modest chicken!! hahaha!! Must try making cake pops - they look so good. Loving your spray painted bowl and finding the sparkling flip flops (we call them jandals). xoxo

  10. your chicken is hilarious!

    can't wait to see the paint.

    rejoicing over your organized crafting area!

  11. lol at miss chicken!
    aqua kitchen sounds delightful, can't wait to see! xo

  12. Doesn't everybody cook their shoes in the oven? Hmmmmm... :0)

    I heart cake pops. And naked chicken. YUM!


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