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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Mommas Mansion

One of my the links I enjoy is "What I love Wednesday" with Krystina.
It's so neat to see all the different likes and tastes of ladies from everywhere...
the blessings they are enjoying... the big stuff.. the little stuff..

I just got back from a trip to my Momma's.
And though I can't wait to share some of the fun stuff we did while there,
today, what I love, is my Momma's house.

I love her house.
She has a way of making it feel like a walk down memory lane yet its not stuffy and old fashioned...
I've never lived in this house myself.
My dad passed away when I was 13 and my mom eventually remarried and moved away from where we were born and raised.
But even though this is not the house I grew up in,
because of the things she has in feels like "going home".

Most people would never consider it a mansion.
But I do.
It's filled from top to bottom with things that are priceless...
No amount of money could replace them...
Remnants of moments shared together.

It's who we are...everywhere....all over her house.

Let me give you just a small taste of what I'm talking about....

This is my pig cookie jar. 
My grandmother put cookies in it for my mom and her two sisters when they were little girls. My mom is 68 years old so its been around awhile.  My maw maw wanted me to have it.
I'm gonna take her day.

My mom's shadow box.
It is filled with memories.

The arch is from a trip to St Louis, Missouri.
Me and Nick went to his first Pastor's Convention with them there.

This little cup and saucer is from a trip to Washington D.C. that me and my mom took together when I was in 5th grade. We rode a train all the way from Louisiana.
(This was from Mt Vernon)

I don't know where she got this but I've always liked it.
It really is the small things 
that mean so much.

This is a painting I did for my mom.
"You are My Sunshine" is our song.
It always has been since I was a little girl.
You can read bout that  {here}

I love my mom's fridge.
If you send her a picture in a card or letter,
this is where it goes.
I love that.

Speaking of pictures....
She has them everywhere all over her house.
The ones here are mostly of me and my two brothers.

I love this one.  
It was taken on her 60th birthday.
Both of my brothers and I  came up as a surprise.
She loved it.
It was our last time to do this before my brother Greg was killed in a car accident the following year.

 Love these two frames of the girls when they were little.

She started collecting these little boxes that have "surprises" inside.
My favorite is the cherry on the top shelf in the right corner.
We gave her that one in memory of the time we were at a restaurant with her and she revealed her talent of being able to tie the cherry stem in a knot with her tongue!  
She never ceases to amaze us with the things we discover about her.
(we discovered something about her this trip too but we've been sworn to secrecy!)

She has had this little guy for as long as I can remember.
He was at my house I grew up in.

This is a new collection she's started and I love it.

My Paw Paw Marvin and his glasses.

I love love love these pictures!  
The left one is my mom, maw maw, and great-maw maw.
The middle is my mom and Aunt Connie.
The right one is my Maw Maw who I am learning more and more we had a lot in common.
Which is so ironic because she didn't like me much when I was little.
(That's a whole other story for another time)

This is a painting I painted the summer my dad died when I was 13 years old.
My neighbor was an artist and this was kinda like therapy I guess.
I wish I woulda pursued it more.

This is one of my favorite pictures of my brother, Greg.
He loved life and was always into something.
This was taken at a Renaissance Fair he took his daughter Alexis to.

My mom and I collect "Joy" stuff because of a statement Greg made about 3 weeks before his accident.
That's for another time too...

And last...
she has this little picture of me in this frame...
I'm glad she considers me one of her many sources of joy.

She's one of  mine too.

Stephanie :)


  1. so many great treasures.

    i ADORE the shadow box. my mantle is where i have been keeping all the treasures from around the world. but i feel like they need something else. a shadow box would be PERFECT.

    that tea cup shelf is AWESOME. my mom has something kind of similar, and i would love to have one too.

    and how special is that picture with your family and your brother. LOVE.

  2. so sweet and special, i love little things like that in my mom's home as well...great post

  3. I love the idea of you capturing the memories in your mom's home. I need to do that too. Otherwise, when the time comes, no one will know of the symbolism. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Such awesome family photos of home. Love this!

  5. so lovely, such beautiful memories! love all the old photos, and the little trinkets, too!


  6. there's no place like home. :) God sure gave us something special when He gave us mothers. now i want to go see my momma. :)

  7. What a sweet post! I am so thankful I found your blog.
    Thanx for sharing..
    XX Dawn

  8. What a truly lovely post and how wonderful that you treasure all of these memories with your mother that way. I have similar bits and bobs at my folks house {and some that have found their way to me from family that have left us} that I feel the same way about. They may not be materially precious, but they're precious all the same...thank you for sharing! Visiting from WILW... xo

  9. What a sweet post! I love all your mama's trinkets. What's the story behind the tabasco bottles??? I'm very curious. :0)

    You are an excellent artist!! Wow!! The flower painting and the sunshine.. girl, you got talent!

  10. Your momma and my momma would get along. Her home is like a virtual I Spy museum. I could get lost for hours in the memories, inspiration and laughter her home brings. Love this post!

  11. I told you I had been enjoying looking back through old posts AND that I wouldn't comment on them all for fear of looking weird...BUT I had to on this one!... I still have a little wall decoration my mama gave me that says "You are my sunshine" which she gave me as a reminder of the song...I see it everyday and think of her..........


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