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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Getting Ready! woo hoo!!!

I have so many things I feel inspired to share with you.
Fun party stuff, husband stuff, yummy food stuff, sentimental stuff, gorgeous senior pictures stuff...
The problem is  I am seriously pressed for time the next two days...
Why you ask?.....
The Grand babies are coming!!!!
(can't you hear the trumpet blowing and see the confetti falling?!)

SO, in preparation for this wonderful blessing, I am working my butt off to finish up all my new designs for my Etsy shop..and take the pictures...and upload them to the shop...and then clean up the mess.

Plus,  I (mostly my hubs) have an awesome project going on today on the coffee table my mom gave me on my last trip there. It has been in the family since I was little and I'm thrilled to be the new owner!!  Of course, we are gonna give her a little makeover so she can be best buds with our vintage couch Eleanor. {meet her here}

So.... since I'm kinda short on time,
I decided to re post one of my favorite posts from a while back about being a grandma.
( I can do that right?! )   ;)

Now I"m off to whistle while I work.......
Honey and JuJu...The Grandmas
This week I was blessed to spend lots of time with my two grandbabies. I'm so thankful for those times the Lord affords me to just be with them.

 I never really had time like that with my grandmas.  My Dad's mom had already passed away before I was born and my mom's mom was..lets just say, not your typical grandma.  My Maw Maw Elenor was a little on the "rigid" side and I have no sweet memories of baking cookies together in her kitchen.  She was strict, liked order and lived by a schedule.  Bath time at her house was NOT playtime in the tub...strictly business. Get in. Soap up. Get out.  Now, she was extremely creative though and made all of her grandchildren many keepsakes which I still have to this day. (I'm sure she would be shocked by that...I was the razz-a-ma-tazz of all the grand-daughters)  But even though she made lots of stuff  for me, she never made stuff  with me.

Now because of this experience (or lack of them) I always vowed I would be the kind of grandma like you saw in movies.  You know what I mean... old and kind.  She always has asmile on her face, fresh cookies in the oven and some amazing story dripping with wisdom to impart.  She is always calm and patient and spends most of days rocking on her front porch knitting  warm fuzzy blankets to have on hand to wrap you up with when you climb up in her big old lap.........
Well Hell-oh! Here I am.  And I ain't that grandma. And about the only of those qualities I possess is the big old lap that I seem to be working on lately!   I often think, my poor grandchildren...I'm supposed to be the one with all the "right answers" to life and full of wisdom and all that stuff.....if they only knew how messed up  I am!   

And then, God in His infinite mercy and relentless love, reminds me of what He has done in my life and what He IS doing in my life.  He takes the pressure of what I think I need to be and reminds me of what I am in Him...
Redeemed.  Changed.  Forgiven.  Restored.  Joyful.  His.

He has completely changed my life and given me joy.  He has given so much more to impart to my grandchildren than I could imagine.  I realize I won't always have the answer to every question they have.  And they might not see me smile in every situation.  I don't have a rocking chair on  a front porch and I don't know how to knit.

But can lead them to the One Who has all the answers. I will share with them that when you don't feel like smiling, it is ok because He is the Lifter of Our Head.  And instead of a rocking chair and a handknitted blanket,  we can bust out the Wii and dance and then wrap up in a blanket I probably bought at Dirt Cheap and watch Tangled for the 18th time.

AND... that aint the end of this story because not only were my grandchildren chosen to have me as their Honey....they were also blessed to be given their JuJu

 She aint your typical grandma either! 

We both have been honored and blessed to be invited into the delivery room when our grand children were born.  What a beautiful experience to share with my daughter, the man of her dreams, and his mom, which just so happens to be one of my dearest of all friends.  "Juju" out did herself with her mad skills on the day Rosayn was born.  I was in charge of photography and she was in charge of videography..this grandma was videoing with one hand while texting a minute by minute update to everyone in the waiting room with the other hand!!  Who needs to know how to knit when you can text like that?! lol 
Here she is giving me lessons! 

Most of all, she's in love with Jesus too. She lives that out in her everyday life and before our grandchildren.  Prayfully, between the two of us, the Lord will allow us to pass on a heritage rich in Him, full of joy and sprinkled with loads of fun!

 The Sirven/Holden grandkids better fasten their seatbelt....they are in for a ride!

Stephanie :)


  1. Two beautiful ladies! I adore you "grandma names", so cute!

  2. oh my goodness love this post ... and yet another reason why i would love to join your family ... love your sweet spirit and your LOVE for you family! God is so god and He is using you ... and one day your grandbabies will thank you for putting them first at all times! love your darling ... may you have a wonderful fun time with those babes!

  3. you two make one mean grandma team.
    how fun is it to grandma it up together?
    your grandkids have an awesome deal!! :)

    i had one grandma who was traditional (baker, knitter, sewer, you name it)
    and one who is a bit more wild (parties, manhattans, casinos, a swimming pool)

    it was so fun having a little taste of each world.
    and i'm so fortunate they both weren't so rigid.

    thanks for helping me remember those memories today. :)


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