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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Gorilla and the Pig {repost and update}

Today is my big bro's birthday.   
There is so much I could say about him.   
If you know him personally then you know what I'm talking about.
He's a mess in the best kind of way.  
But this blog post from three years ago popped up on my Time Hop app and it made me smile reading it.
I thought I'd just share it might make you smile too.

And....when you get to the end of the post, I share a recent funny story about the three of us and a few favorite updated pics of us.  :)


This here is my big brother.
His name is Marvin and it's his birthday tomorrow.

Here he is trying to aggravate me...he still does this hand on my head thing.
When I was a little girl, he dubbed me with the nickname "Sow".
So I've been called that my entire life.
Except when he calls me, Sowpig, Swamp Sow (yeah..I dunno about that one, I guess cuz we're from Louisiana), Momma Sow, and my new favorite....Sow Maw, which he is trying desperately to get my grandkids to call me. 

He's not into my fab themed birthday parties I throw.
In fact, he told me this year they're stupid.
So I'm not gonna throw him a party this year. 
Nope. Not gonna do it.
Oh and he really hates that I take pictures all the time
He never cooperates.  
Like this, for instance...

and this..
Oh, and he REALLY hates when pics of him end up on my blog or on fb.
So PLEASE, don't tell him about this one ....
or this one..
 or this one.

Even though he can be a pain
He really is a great big brother.
I love him to pieces.
We usually laugh a bunch when we're together.

And I'm incredibly proud of him and how the Lord is using him.
I mean, everyone who is saved by God's grace is transformed,
but some of our transformations are a little more outwardly noticeable.
Like my brother for instance.
This is before Jesus interrupted his life...
He used to be a high school drop out drug addict.

And this is what God did...
He went from being a high school drop out to seminary graduate.
He delivered him, transformed him, and then called him into the ministry.
That is what grace looks like.

His passion for people and desire to see them know Jesus inspires me.
Don't tell him, but I think he's one of the most awesome guys I know.
We tease each other a lot but I'm so proud I'm his sister and he's my big brother.

Oh....and about the title "The Gorilla and the Pig"...
Well I've had to live my entire life being called Sow right?
So.... when the Lord blessed me with grandchildren, I taught them to call him Gorilla!
And they do!

Ahhh...revenge is so sweet.

Happy Birthday Gorilla!
This little pig loves you :)

The pic below is my all time favorite picture of him.  It was taken when we he and Nick both preached at the Louisiana Evangelism Conference last year.  I snapped this as we were walking in the building and was just overwhelmed thinking about our lives and how the Lord has changed us... our family.  
Just him. By himself armed with God's word.  Step after step,  day after day,  year after year sharing the gospel, spreading hope, bringing truth to those who are still in darkness like we once were.
I need to frame this I love it so much.

I cry almost every time I get to hear him preach.
God changes lives people.  He transforms marriages. This guy right here is living proof.
 I'm literally in tears as I type this thinking about what all He has done in Marvin's life.  In our family.  It's so good to remember.

But I promised you a funny story before I go.  It's probably funnier to our family than it will be to y'all. But anyways, here goes. 
The older I get my girls keep telling me how much I look/act like Marvin.  I usually tell them they are crazy but honestly there are times I will say something or make a face and I totally know it was a "Marvin Moment".  After being in denial of our obvious similarities, it was a trip to our favorite Chinese restaurant a couple of months ago that made me face reality.  

We had a new waitress that none of us knew.  She was Asian and spoke very little English.  Our mom was down visiting and we were all at the table together along with Ms Dianne, Marvin's wife/Nick's mom. (yeah, you read that right. You can check out our crazy, wonderful, grace covered family tree here)

Anyways, this waitress takes our order and then starts patting her face with her hands saying, "Same same."  We were so confused and had no idea what she was talking about so we told her what we wanted to drink again.  And she shook here head and again said. "Same same" , while she patted her face.  Then she kept saying it over and over while pointing to me, Marvin and my mom.  Finally Ms Dianne starts dying laughing and says, "She's trying to tell y'all that the three of you all look the same!"  Well, when the waitress heard that, her eyes lit up and she nodded her head..."Same same!! Same same!"     She was so fascinated with us that a little later, she even came back with another lady, who also spoke little English, to point us out to her!  

I don't know if it's our beady eyes, laugh lines or big mouths but apparently to this total stranger thought we looked....

"Same same."
And I guess I'm okay with that after all.

Happy Birthday Gorilla! I love you more than you know.


  1. I remember this from the first time. I love the story you added. Yes, you all look "same same!"
    You make me wish I had a brother. ;)

  2. awe! love this post! there's nothing like an awesome brother!!!!


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