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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Stitchfix Seventeen

I've been so excited to show y'all last month's fix.  It was number 17!  That means I've had a box full of fashion goodness delivered to my door step 17 times now. And if any of you are paying attention then you will know I skipped Fix 16.  I'll come back to that one...maybe.  It wasn't my favorite but I  did keep a gorgeous necklace from it that I'd love to show you.

But anyways, back to 17.  I had asked my stylist to send me nothing but dresses since I knew I would be participating in Dressember. (a campaign to raise awareness for Human trafficking where all the participants wore nothing but dresses the entire month of December.)   I asked for dresses that would be comfortable to wear all day that I could pair with tights, boots and cardigans.

She did so good.  I liked every single one of them.  I was so sad that it was December and I still had a ton of Christmas shopping to do because I would have kept them all.  But I couldn't so I had to eliminate.  And after group texting pics to my three girls and my momma, I finally came to a decision.

1.  First up...this cobalt blue and black dress.  Honestly, when I first pulled it out of the box it was my least favorite. But upon trying it on, I really liked the way it fit.  It was very slenderizing and SO stinking comfortable.  Absolutely no constriction whatsoever.  But the only draw back was that it was a tad short.  So this one didn't make the cut.


2. Next up was this adorable teal polka dot dress.  It was actually my favorite piece when I opened the box.  I just knew it was gonna be a keeper. I could  picture it so many ways.

But it was a little tight in the bust which is kind of hidden by the cardigans... but I would never feel comfortable wearing it alone.  Again, my stylist, Catherine, came through with my request for comfort because it also was super stretchy.  But my daughters shot this one down so I ended up eliminating this one too.

3. This one was a no brainer for me.  It's black and white stripes (my favorite).  It has 3/4 length sleeves which I love.  I can wear it with or without a cardigan.  It was tad bit longer in the length and was super comfortable.  I love mixing the pattern with this chartreuse floral scarf from the Gap.

And for a super casual but pulled together look, I love it with this black puffy vest.  (I've had this thing for years.  It's from Walmart and it has hood that zips on and off. I'm so glad I hung on to it.)

I brought this dress with me on my most recent trip to see the grand kids.  I managed to talk Rosalyn into taking a few pics with while she was wearing her outfit I bought her for her birthday.  She's a little fashionista in the making for sure.

4.  The next dress was this shirt dress.  And again, I totally wasn't interested in this one when I pulled it out the box.  But once I tried it on, I really liked it. was a super good price.  I loved it with this burgundy sweater that I kept from my 15th fix.

And here it is in cartoon form!  The sweetest Katie Muncie surprised me with a portrait.  Ain't it cute?!  Go check out her talented self here.  She makes the best family portraits.  I'm thinking it would make the sweetest Valentines Day happy.

5.  The last piece was this funky shift dress.  And when I say funky, that's a good thing.  Funky is my jam.  This felt very 60ish and I loved the color combo.

Then I got wild and crazy and paired with with navy tights and wedges.  Now it was screaming 60's and I was liking it even more.   (despite the look on my face.  I was going for sultry/contemplative/mysterious look but it looks more like I'm wanting to say, "Stand still. I vaunt to crush you" Any Cats and Dogs fans out there? No? Ok. Well this is a little embarrassing.)
Anyways, I love the dress.

I loved it with the burgundy sweater too.

Which by the way....that burgundy sweater has become my winter go-to.
Along with these Noonday cow horn hoop earrings.  Which I lost last week.  I am still in mourning.  I wore those babies all the time.  Almost every day.  So sad.  
Back to the sweater though, I love that I have built a wardrobe through Stitchfix.
Not just individual pieces but things that I often wear together.

What's some of your go to pieces this winter?  Do you have that one sweater that you keep finding yourself throwing on with everything?  Spill the beans please.

And of course, if y'all are interesting in having your own stylist and getting a box full of goodness delivered to your door, you can click the pic below.  Or email me with any questions.


  1. Glad you kept the striped one. It was my favorite out of all of them. Probably because I have one very similar. :)
    I know the Dressember thing is done but for future reference you should look into an extender slip. I got one for a wedding I was in a couple years ago and I love it! I get compliments on it every single time I wear it. This is the one I got but there are so many options -

  2. You and Stitch Fix have become good buds for sure and you "wear it well" my friend. I need to get another fix but I love to actually go shopping so I would need to step back from if I do Stitch Fix. Always enjoy your posts and btw, would you mind telling me what program you use to get the pictures of yourself side by side? I use PicMonkey a lot and I have never seen that option on it. Thanks!

  3. oh my gosh you are adorable! I love each and every outfit you posted! ....maybe it's time to get on this Stitch Fix bandwagon!

  4. I just blogged about my new faves, a pair of brown Aldo booties and a black Banana Repiblic sweater picked up from a thrift store for less than $20. I don't care about the brands, except that it does signify they will last a little longer than my acrylic and vinyl Target sweater and boots that they replaced. Also, I love that I am not directly supporting unethical manufacturing for either item.
    Stitch fix sounds like so much fun! I would love to work for them!


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