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Friday, November 7, 2014

Stitch Fix 15

Well, I'm actually caught up with sharing my fixes.  Holla! This is it before my next fix arrives…which happens to be today at some point. (talk about getting it done by the hair of my chinny chin chin!)  So no more sharing two month old fixes in the wrong season.   I actually have Fall stuff to show you and it's still Fall.  I'm on fire.

So here we go….
1. This top.  I love it.  I love the color and the length of the sleeves and the crochet bib.  And hello….look how scrumptiously it matches my shoes. Yes. I just said scrumptiously. That's how much I love those shoes. And the best part…they were $10 bucks at Ross. And they are gen-u-ine leather.  Back to the shirt though….can't wait to pair it with several skirts I have in my closet.

   And it looks like it was born to be best friends with this favorite sweater of mine.

I'm kinda loving the look and the color. All of it.  It was a keeper.

2.These jeans.
I had to get votes from the family on these.  I mean, I liked the way they looked. I don't have any this slouchy so that was good but they were super big in the waist.  And they are stretchy.  Which translates that you can only wear them once and then you need to wash them and dry them.  Now confession time:  I usually wear my jeans a good 3 - 4 (sometimes 5) times before they get washed.   So I was worried about these getting super stretched out and falling down and having to spend half my day pulling them up when I walk. (you know you know what I'm talking about)  I checked with customer service and they now offer an exchange on sizes if they have them in stock. Holla!  And they did have these in a size smaller.  Holla!  But the only thing is, that you can't return items that you exchanged for a different size.  So instead of taking a gamble, I decided to keep the slightly too big jeans and have a nice comfortable pair I can throw in the dryer and not worry about them shrinking on me. Because a slightly too big pair of jeans is a 1000 times better than a slightly too small pair of jeans in my book any day.

But before I decided for sure,  I had to try them on with my my Converse and t-shirt.  Because let's be honest…this is how I mostly style my jeans.  I liked them. My family approved. So they were a go.  And the middle pic really accentuates my bump….my baby bump that women everywhere are proudly poking out after Jennifer Garner's public announcement.  Have you seen it? Oh please go check it out if you haven't. (here)   And no, I am not pregnant.  (and for the record, I've worn these pretty much every day since I've gotten them and yes they do stretch. And yes I spend a hilacious amount of time hiking them back up when I wear them on day 2, day 3 and day 4 before washing them. But I'm super glad I kept them.  They're like wearing denim yoga pants…comfortable. )
And that amazing tee is from the sweetest JessicaNDesgns.

3. This sweater.
I loved it.  Loved the color and texture.  Very Fallish.  Very "lets grab a caramel macchiato and walk in the leaves together" kind of feel to it.

I didn't have the time like I usually do to try it on with different outfits  and take pics for y'all but I will be wearing this over several dresses with tights and boots real soon. Stay tuned.

4.  This purse
I was in love with this purse.  LOVED the color. Loved the styled…those zippers were so classy.  But I gave up my big purses a couple of years ago and converted to smaller cross body bags.  It was the most freeing thing I did.  I gave up my need to be Mary Poppins and carry everything plus the kitchen sink in my purse.  It was hard at first…not having 20 shades of lipstick, super glue, a screwdriver, mouthwash and whatever other "just in case" item you can think of.  But I'm good now.  I do have one gorgeous big bag a friend sent me that I adore and love and it is the only exception to my big bag recovery program.  But I only have room for one in my life so I sent the big blue beauty back.

5. Last and definitely least… this shirt.
 I din't even want to try it on. But I did for you inquiring minds who would feel gipped if you didn't get to see all five pieces in my little box.  And I had to practice what I preach and try it on because like I always say…"you never know".  But this time I did know.  And I didn't like it.    However, I did like the color of it though.  But it went back.

Three out of five pieces were keepers.  And they are great wardrobe builders that I can wear with a ton of other stuff in my closet.   My stylist did good.  Real good.

Click here if you want to check it out for yourself.



  1. I think the last top actually looks quite pretty on you, but seeing the clothes you really loved makes me think it's not your style. I'm so glad to hear that Stitch Fix is now offering exchanges of items for a different size -- they will definitely sell more clothes with that policy!!

  2. I love seeing your photos and reading your descriptions of your Stitch Fix items. You do a great job! One thought...could you add the full item name for each item and what it cost? I've read some other bloggers who do that and find it helpful. Just a thought! Thank you for sharing your photos and commentary; I enjoy reading it!

  3. Always enjoy your "fix" reviews. I did love that purse but I carry big purses but I keep a small shopping purse in my vehicle too and just stick my phone and billfold in it and go. Like your choices and one day I hope to get back with Stitch Fix. It's such a novel concept!

  4. My my third fix comes next week. I'm glad to know that exchanges are a possibility. I've liked some things but sizing was an issue. All the pieces you kept are great. I'm especially a fan of the first top.

  5. I like the last top a lot. I think it's very flattering, more so than the first which seemed bland to me. But you have to love it, not me! :-)


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