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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Noonday {Giveaway!}

{This giveaway is closed.  Winner announced below.}

Every now and then you run across a company that strikes a chord with your heart strings. 
Because first you like their stuff….where everything you see is gorgeous and has your name written all over it.  It's so "you".  And then you find out the story behind all the beauty and well….you are sold.  Hook, line and sinker.

That's what happened to me with Noonday Collection.
Have y'all heard about them?

Noonday exists to bring hope to those in the poorest places around the globethrough dignified work. 

They get their name from Isaiah 58:10 
"When you satisfy the needs of the oppressed your night will become like Noonday sun"… 

I absolutely love that.

This is such a great opportunity to finish up Christmas shopping! You are not only buying incredible, high quality jewelry and accessories but also changing lives in the process.  It's a win win.

These are my faves…The Annies.  I can't wait to wear them.
Annie's Feathered Earrings

Eeep! Look how beautiful these look on!

Here are some more of my faves!

My friend, Emily, is one of their ambassadors.
I was so intrigued with the company but didn't realize I knew someone personally who was a part of the company.  I asked her to tell me about how she got involved and this is what she shared…

"I work as an ambassador for Noonday Collection. Its pretty much the most awesome thing I do right now, besides raising a tribe of arrows and loving my husband.  I've been with them for a little over a year and have met the most incredible people and have helped some amazing families raise funds for their little ones to come home. When I started there were 30 of us total, spread out around the country. Now there are 350. God has totally blessed the dreams, sacrifices and obedience of our founder." 

Oh gosh I love that.  And Emily.  She is a prime example of how Noonday not only helps those around the globe by employing them to make jewelry but Noonday also helps women right here by giving them opportunities to raise their children while helping support their family.  I love it.

And get this!….Emily is graciously giving away a $50 Noonday credit to one of you!
You can use it to finish up some Christmas shopping or treat yourself to something amazing!
And if that isn't enough, she is also giving anyone that places an order over $50 between now and Saturday some hand stamped stationary as a gift!  Just make sure you order through this specific link, Noonday,  so that  Emily can register your  purchase for the stationary! 

Eeep!!  I'm so excited for one of you to win this!  Can't wait to see what you pick out!

Congratulations LaTanya!  Have fun shopping girl!

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  1. yay! love noonday.
    i would put it toward the la jolla necklace or the zoe!!
    thanks for the chance :)

  2. Those will look great on you! I love the bags and that Dahlia necklace. Just gorgeous.

  3. love Noonday so much!!! I'd put it towards the blanco y negro scarf or some hand warmers!!

  4. so much pretty stuff! i think i'd get those earrings you shared in this post.

  5. Great company! I'd definantly put the money towards the blanco y negro scarf!

  6. I'd get a scarf - -or maybe a necklace!

  7. I would get one of the journal. Such pretty stuff! SO glad you posted this so I can know about Noonday. I love it all!!

  8. It is IMPOSSIBLE to pick!!! The jewelry and scarves are amazing!

  9. I love all the necklaces! So so pretty!

  10. LOVE Noonday!! I really love just about everything, but those Annie earrings have been on my wish list forever!!!

  11. Wow, what a beautiful and inspiring company!! Definitely adding it to my favorites. I would use the Stars arm warmer most right now, it's COLD over here!

  12. Yes, love Noonday, it's such a neat, neat concept. Thanks for sharing!

  13. THE ANNIES. i believe wholeheartedly they are the loveliest earrings i have ever ever seen. and i wear one pair of earrings. that is all. my ears need some freshening up.

  14. I've heard of this company and the great work they are doing. What a blessing they are all over the world.

  15. I absoutely love this company! Well, normally I would pick jewerly or accessories, but we recently purchased our first house.. So, I like NAHUALA RECTANGLE TRAYS. Love it!

  16. I love Noonday. I went to a party earlier this year for a friend's adoption fundraiser and they have the neatest jewelry. I have a brown leather wrap bracelet that I love, so I would love to win more. Emily was actually training a new ambassador at the party I went to! :-)

    1. Oops...I realized I forgot to write what I like. I love the Dewdrop necklace & the 2 coins necklace. Thanks, Stephanie & Emily! :-)

  17. I have them bookmarked. I have already purchased all my holiday gifts but will keep them in mind for next years. Thanks!

  18. I love the cascading falls necklace!
    jesslburke@ hotmail. com

  19. that la noche bracelet is gorgeous. also the chasing triangles cuff, amazing. i love their company. i own a few of their pieces and love to read the stories of the people that made them!!

  20. Love this idea! Especially after being to Ethiopia and India...helping the poorest of the poor by providing work and a chance at's a beautiful thing.

  21. What a great company! Lots of cute stuff. The earrings and infinity scarf are a few of my favorites!

  22. Dahlia necklace is my favorite. So beautiful!!


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