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Friday, December 6, 2013

My Fourth Fix {and a lesson learned}

My, my, my.  I can't believe I'm already sharing my fourth fix with y'all.
This month was interesting.
I was soooo excited about this receiving this fix.  I envisioned it having something sparkly or holidayish in that beautiful little box.  I don't know why I thought that because I don't think I requested it…but I still had that in my head.  
Red.  Sparkles.  Fancy.
My poor stylist, Catherine, was being set up for failure and didn't even know it.

So I get my box ( a day earlier than promised too!  woo hoo!) and I rip into it expecting Holiday glam only to find snooze city.
I ran back to the bedroom and tried on each piece and turned my nose up to each one.
I didn't like any of it except for one shirt.  And I threw it on immediately to wear that same day.

…to visit the newest little member of our church.
Ain't he a cutie?

I had plans to return everything else that was in the box.  In fact, I got on line and filled out my return survey and critiqued each piece and then checked out.  
It was a done deal…or so I thought.

 I knew I still wanted to snap a few pics to share with y'all of what I had gotten in my fix before I bagged it up in the handy dandy postage paid bag they give you and threw it in the mail box to ship back..
I was gonna show y'all why I decided not to keep all the goods…

But, here is the lesson I learned this month.
Don't be too quick to say you don't like something your stylists chooses  for you until you give it a real chanceas in try it on and style it  with stuff already in your closet.  And for heavens sake…brush your hair and if you haven't washed in five days and put on a little make up.   SPRUCE UP.
 The day my fix arrived in the mail, I was still in PJ's and looking quite beastly.  So when I tried on the pieces that sweet Catherine chose for me, everything looked terrible and I "hated it" before I even gave it a chance.. but once I  got myself presentable, the more I tried on everything with stuff I already had in my closet,  the more I liked everything.

Besides the striped shirt that I instantly loved, there was this red sheer blouse that had a tribal print on it.  I did actually like this one but wasn't gonna keep it because I had so much of the tribal stuff already.  
But once I saw it in pics, I realized you don't really notice the tribal stuff….
You notice the RED.  And I loved that.

Then I tried I threw my trusty denim jacket on and….BAM.  I loved it. 
(a denim jacket is like cream cheese….you can throw it on top of anything and it becomes fabulous)

Then I changed it up a bit with this sweater over it and that was it…the deal was sealed.

Another top in the box was this really edgy shirt that I despised before I tried it on.

It has the really long sleeves with a little hole for your thumb and I was not feeling that detail at all.

But then I tried it on with a different sweater and….BAM. 
I loved it.

 The sleeves actually began to grow on me because they stay put and don't ride up the sleeve of your sweater.  Can I get an amen?!
(and I also discovered you don't have to stick your thumbs through the holes…and then they will just be regular old long sleeves on days I'm feeling not so "high fashion". lol) 

If you haven't noticed my necklace yet, it is the fourth item that was in my fix.
I totally dismissed it at first sight.  I even thought it looked "cheap".
And then I started mixing it with stuff I owned and once again….BAM!
I loved it.  It's the perfect touch of classic with a little funky feel.
It looked good with SO much in my closet.

There was one ore piece in my fix but I didn't take pics because it didn't fit.  It was a classic khaki trench coat that would give a very similar look as the sweater I have on in all of these pics.

So in the end, I loved this month's fix.  I decided to keep them all.
Even the trench coat that didn't fit.  Why you ask? Because they give you a 25% discount if you keep all five pieces and the discount (which was $45) was more than the cost of the trench coat (which was $28)  So it was like getting something for free plus $17 dollars towards the other stuff!  BAM!
So I was able to bless my daughter, Lauren, with a fabulous little coat.

I hope my stylist, Catherine, gets a chance to read this.  She was right and I was wrong. 
This month's fix is a prime example of why Stitch Fix is so great and having a personal stylists is so much fun.  I would have NEVER picked these pieces myself. I would have walked right past them in a store.  But after trying them on, I discovered they are great basic pieces that I will be able to mix up with what I already own and make many many outfits. I didn't get a chance to try any of these on with skirts but I already have a few things in mind. That makes my dollars stretch and I am just tickled over it.  They also flattered my body type which is what I  value most about having a stylist….she doesn't just send me cute stuff, but cute stuff that she thinks will work for me.    BAM.

If you're interested in checking it out for yourself just click here.
If you have any questions about it just holla.
And you can read about my other three fixes here, here and here.


  1. when I scrolled down and saw you in that red top with the red lipstick I gave you a verbal "You go girl" right here in my living room? Did you hear me?! Because you look amazing!!! Susan

  2. Hooray for second chances, right? Everything looks fabulous and seems to work well with many pieces you already had, so that's even better.

    And the red lipstick? Yes!

  3. "a denim jacket is like cream cheese….you can throw it on top of anything and it becomes fabulous"
    my thoughts exactly.

    everything looks so great on you. thumb holes take some getting used to but i love shirts with them.

    i still haven't scheduled my first fix and every things ready to go. whats wrong with me???

  4. SO glad you kept that red top! It's like it was made for you and those sassy red lips! XOXO

  5. I love the top with the holes for the thumbs. Genius! Can I ask who makes it?

    You look great in everything!

  6. Well, aren't you just the "sassiest!" And, can I say, I love you in red lipstick!!! You wear it all well and the pics were great! Christmas blessings!


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