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Monday, September 16, 2013

My First Fix

I finally did it. I got my first fix.
My first Stitch Fix that is.

Have you heard of it? You no longer have to be a celebrity or be a millionaire to now have your own personal stylist!  Stitch Fix is a team who helps women find clothes to flatter and compliment our bodies and personal styles.  I've been seeing friends post pics of outfits on Instagram for months now and I actually signed up some time ago.  But I didn't order my first fix because I was still losing weight and  was in-between sizes.  I'm still losing weight actually but my curiosity got the best of me so I filled out my questionnaire, told them all about my style, and then patiently impatiently waited for my first fix!

When it came it felt like Christmas!
I couldn't wait to see what they picked out for me.
In this fix I only had tops.  I'm thinking I skeerrred them a little with my wishy washy size right now so they played it safe and only sent tops.  

They always send 5 pieces in each fix and you can specify what you want or don't want them to send.  They also ask if you have anything special coming up that you would like them to send stuff for.  I actually have a special trip coming up that involves tropical weather so my sweet stylist sent more of summery stuff rather than fall pieces. ( in hind sight, I wish I woulda just had her send fall stuff which I am SO ready for!)

They send you little cards with each piece suggesting how to change it up for different looks.  I always envisioned having a grand time changing up the looks with  different stuff from my own closet and taking pics and all that.  But alas, I got the package and had about 30 minutes before the sun went down to take a few pictures because we were leaving the next morning for a week.  So what you're about to see was me frantically flinging together a couple of outfits in 10 minutes and Nick snapping a couple pictures with my phone.  Hopefully next month will be better.

Here goes.

There was this little sleeveless top that I loved but couldn't get it to look right on me.

 I loved the little details on the shoulders.

Next was this little sleeveless top that I loved the print and the fit...

But it looked too much like everything else I already had. I loved it paired with a cardi though.

They had this really sweet top that had the cutest little tie at the neck

I tried it on with darker jeans and still wasn't sure.  Wish I woulda tried it on with my black palazzo pants.  The brand is called "Nick and Me" which made me almost keep it just for that alone.  But my Nick wasn't crazy about it so I sent it back.

There was another top but I didn't care for it at all and didn't take a pic. It was a total miss.

But my fave and what I kept was this little beauty....

Loved this necklace and I have lots to go with it.

I only kept one thing this time but all in all it was a great experience.  I'm already signed up for my next fix and  looking forward to what my stylist picks out for me.

If you would like to sign up for yourself, it's easy peasy.
Just click here.
You pay $20 for your stylist fee but then that is credited towards anything you decide to keep in your fix! So much fun! And I gotta give props to their customer service...I had a mix up with the shipment date and it was scheduled to arrive after we had left on our trip which meant the package would be sitting outside for a week with time sensitive belongings in it.   Once you get your fix you have three buisness days to return what you aren't keeping.  I panicked because I wouldn't be home until well after the three days and didn't want to be charged for clothes I hadn't even had a chance to look at much less try on! Well the customer service was more than understanding and notated my account so I would have plenty of time.  But then I was able to pick it up before I even left from Fedex so all was well and I worried for nothing.  But it did give me a glimpse into how they handle such problems and I was more than pleased with their customer service.
Can't wait to til next month.

Stephanie :)


  1. Oh, I so wanted to do this. I love some of your options. I filled out everything for Stitch Fix, then got the message that they don't fit 16's right now. I go up and down with pant sizes and usually have a 14, but getting pants without trying them on skeered me! I always, always have to try on pants especially for length. I wish I had known they would do only tops. That's what I need, but I guess my iffy pants size made them back off.

  2. I have never heard of this! How fun! Is the pricing for the items you keep pretty steep or reasonable?

  3. Absolutely love this concept! I just signed up and will get my first shipment my birthday week! Happy Birthday to me! Thank you for telling us all about this!!

  4. Oh man, I've been wanting to do this. I've followed a couple of other bloggers who do it, mainly Cindi Spivey, and they absolutely love it. Is it hard to get fitted properly?

  5. I've been eye stitch fix for awhile but I've been nervous about the cost of the items. Are they reasonable or too much for my target budget? :)

  6. Well, how fun would this be, I loved the top with the tie. It looked great on you. Delightful post!

  7. I filled out all of the info months ago but haven't scheduled my first fix. I think I have commitment issues...
    You look fabulous Stephanie!

  8. Ok this looks like fun. I'm wishy washy too and think I need a professional. Thanks for the link! Tropical-oooh...where do I sign up for that? : )


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