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Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday's Letters

Well it's been a while so I thought I'd write some Friday's letters.

Dear Nick,
    Haley wanted me to ask you to trade in the car for a mini-van if she's gonna be traveling with us any more in the near future cuz she was a little cramped back there. Ok, Ok...she didn't really. That was my suggestion. You know..thinking about future grandkid trips and stuff.  ;)

Dear Mr. Trucker,
   You creeped me out big time.  Didn't expect to see Chucky with his hair flying in the wind going down the road at 70 miles per hour. Thanks for that. (not really)

Dear Leftover Wedding Pretzels,
  You were a week old when I ate you and still as yummy as ever.  Thanks for that...and for making the trip to Louisiana funner with your happy sprinkles.

Dear Louisiana,
   It's always good to come home to you where I can get snowballs instead of snow cones and spearmint is a staple flavor at every snow ball stand...right up there with blue bubblegum, nectar and wedding cake.

Dear Shannon and Howie,
  It was so fun to go to a Covington High football game with y'all just like the old days....except back then it was just me and Shannon in the stands watching you and Nickie play ball instead of your son!  So surreal and fun and strange. Also loved discovering the girls bathroom has not changed one teeny tiny bit in 24 years.

 Dear Pinkberry Yogurt Shop,
  Your cuteness just about did me in.  Then I tasted your amazing greek yogurt with all my favorite toppings and well...I was a happy girl.  Especially being that 2 toppings or 5 toppings or however many I could fit in the cup costs the same as one topping.  I was a very happy girl.

Dear Haley,
   I've had fun dragging you all over this week.  You try to act like you don't like coming everywhere with your Aunt Steph but I know you do.  And while I have your attention, stop growing up so fast ok?  You can keep being beautiful though... that you just can't help.

Dear Monday,
   You were super awesome even though I was sick. Staying in my pj's all day until it was time for church was great.  It's been a while since I was able to do that.  

Dear Caroline,
  Thank you for having such a beautiful brunch for us to fellowship over.  Catching up on life with you and Aunt Connie was such a treat. And meeting your bestie, Sherry was a blessing.  I tell people all the time you are THE sweetest person I have ever known.  And I really mean that.  You make me want to be more gentle and kind. So thankful we're family..on earth and in the Kingdom of God.
 ....and your sweet little Lily is following in her momma's footsteps.  What a little sweetheart!

Dear Joicey-Poo,
  Thanks for letting us invade your home once again while we're in town for a revival.  I'm so glad God chose you to be my sis-in-law. But even more than that, I'm glad we are sisters in Christ and we get to serve Jesus together.  That is a gift.

Dear Beth, Jessica, and Amy,
    There is so much I could say about our wonderful time of fellowship we had in your home, Beth over the delicious lunch you prepared talking about all the things God is doing in our lives.  But I'll just keep it simple sister....The  Body of Christ ROCKS!!

Dear Sonic Happy Hour,
  Thank you for making our girl time more happy. (and less expensive.)

Dear Toyua,
 Thank you for serving us this entire week in your home after every service.  Richardson Baptist Church is blessed to have you as their pastor's wife.  You have the greatest gift of hospitality and I'm always humbled when I spend time with you and Bro. Jimmy and the kids.  I love y'all so much and will always be thankful for Hurricane Katrina for introducing us.  Ain't nothing like spending a week and half together in a church gym to get to know someone well. (well, you and joice did.I stayed at my mom's. But still. You get the picture.  I LOVE you!)

And last but certainly not least,
Dear Nickie,
  This week of sitting under your preaching and hearing you proclaim the word of God has brought me an even greater appreciation of God's grace in our lives. You teach the truth of God's word with such authority and conviction...holding nothing back, nothing is sugar coated.  Yet, even in the correction and instruction you are so encouraging to the Body of Christ...  You are such an example of Christ to me as my pastor ...and my husband.  There is nobody I'd rather be on this journey of sanctification with than you.  So thankful.

Well happy Friday folks!
We have one more day of revival services tonight and then we head home.
I'm looking forward to worshiping with our church family on Sunday.  I miss them when we are gone.
And I'm missing my youngins.  Can't wait to hang out as a bunch of married folks this next Porterville Night!

Stephanie :)


  1. Dear Stephanie...
    You look like a little twig in the picture where you're wearing a red shirt:)
    I mean seriously... you are looking FANTASTIC!!!
    Happy Friday:) :)

  2. Best letters I have read all day! Love your heart for God! I actually laughed out loud when you said the bathrooms had not changed in 24 years :)

  3. Beautiful! Just beautiful...I love reading your letters. :)

  4. Love your letters. And girl you just keep becoming a better version of you. So happy for you.


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