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Monday, April 15, 2013

When the dust settles

Happy Monday y'all. 
We are back from our trip to bring the grandchildren home. I have so much to share....things God has taught me _ reminded me of_ through watching my grandkids do life. I can't wait to document those moments here for them to cherish...but that's for another time.  

Today it has hit me as look around at my little nest...

 I see the evidence left behind of little souls at play.  Toys still scattered on the floor that didn't get picked up on our hectic morning of departure. I see evidence of a wedding in the works as I look at little projects in the corners of my house that means my  last daughter at home will be leaving me soon.

And we returned home to some not so fun life stuff a wonky wi fi that wouldn't work and a broken hot water heater and waking up to a full blown sinus cold.   None of this stuff is major.   It just seems more disappointing...more of a let down.... in contrast to the week I just experienced.

And it got me thinking about life. My life.
That when the dust settles after the whirlwind of raising kids, planning weddings, long visits with grandkids.... when the disappointing and hard stuff happens..

I'm glad it's always this guy that is left by my side.
There is no one else on this planet that "gets me" like he does.
He is the person I'd rather be with more than anyone else.  
We get asked often what our "secret" is.
This quote that was on the back of our church bulletin this Sunday sums it up perfectly.
(Thanks Karen for finding stuff with substance to share with us each week on our bulletins!)

"When I have learnt to love God better than my earthly dearest, I shall love my earthly dearest better than I do now....when first things are put first, second things are not suppressed but increased."
C.S. Lewis

 Putting first things first.

Jesus, Nick and then my girls. 
That may sound selfish but there is truly nothing better we can give our kids than them seeing their momma and daddy love each other with a vibrant healthy relationship. Nick and I have always made sure we had time for each other...sometimes we had to fight for it when the girls were small and so physically demanding but we made it a priority in our marriage.  
  Time for each other is the fuel that keeps the passion burning.

Make the time for your man.
Clear your calendar if you have to. Drop a few activities.  Say no to friends.  Turn off the tv.
Turn off the computer.  Put down the phone.

 Trust me on this one girl.  It's worth it.

Before long the dust is gonna settle for you too and 
you really want to like the person you're standing next to.

ps.  Gotta give props to our daughter, Elizabeth, for sharing her gifts with me and her daddy.  These pics were taken by her.  Against her professional photographer self, I took the disc before she could edit any of them. They are straight out the camera...except for a couple that I edited on my Ipad.   You can check out her photography blog  here.


  1. Such great photos! You too are super cute!

  2. y'all are such a cute couple!! :) love those pics. you're so beautiful, stephanie!

  3. Oh this is such a wonderful tribute to your hubby and wonderful photos!! I love how you put Jesus first and you're not afraid to say so, a lot of people are afraid to admit they love the Lord and hey, put Jesus first and everything else falls into place. A truly beautiful post, I felt the need to comment.


    Jean //

  4. beautiful.
    i have been really burdened by this lately.
    nathan and i don't do very much JUST US and i am willing to fight for it.
    lately though, i just feel like a nag which is no fun at all.
    thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautifully written and the photos are fantastic! It's so true...Matt and I got married when I had a 13 year old and a 7 year old...and we both worked full time/opposite schedules. It's been crazy crazy crazy trying to find time together and yet now they are 17 and 11 and our schedules are a little better and we get to have real dates and love just being together. So thankful God has blessed me with a man who loves Him and loves me and the kids. Thanks again for sharing your always encourages me!

  6. After Donnie finished this shut down and gets back to regular hours we are definitely going to have some "us" time. I will have to fight for it, but it's worth it.

  7. The photos are beautiful and your words are even more beautiful!
    I always appreciate the bits of life advice you share!
    Your marriage is truly a breath of fresh air and an inspiration to so many.
    God shines through y'all in a huge way!

  8. stunning photos! y'all are beautiful! and such beautiful and true advice!!!

  9. What an awesome post and what truth!!! I've told my own children and other young couples, that at the end of the day, it will all come back around to just "you and your husband." If you don't take time for each other then you will not even know each other when the nest empties. I know from which I speak, our nest has been empty 15 years and they have been 15 wonderful years.

    Love the photos, y'all are "cute X 2." Happy week!

  10. oh, steph. needed this today.
    love you and your wisdom.
    and the pic of y'all laughing beyond that branch?

    praise jesus.

  11. So very true and what lovely photos: ). That nest empties faster than we expect. My husband has always traveled for work, and I've been fortunate to tag along to some wonderful places, thanks to my parents and in-laws stepping in to care for my girls. It was always hard to leave them, but so good for our marriage. I have tucked that memory away and hope to be able to do the same for my girls one day.

  12. Love this so much. I really love the way you publicly support, respect, and love your man! You two are inspiring and really cute.

  13. Beautiful words. These photos are beautiful! Elizabeth is very talented!


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