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Thursday, April 11, 2013

April's 10 on 10

Just popping in real quick for 10 on 10.
I realized for the past three months on the 10th I've been out of town each time.  Last month I was in Shreveport wedding dress shopping with Lauren and the month before that I was in Tupelo traipsing around with my friend Calah.  This month I'm in North Carolina visiting Chris and Elizabeth as we return the kiddie poos to them.  It's a good life y'all.

9am and still in the bed. Ahhh. Niice.

Monkey bread for breakfast baked by my daughter.

Miss Julia Rose trying to keep cool.  Her sweet daddy brought the fan outside and put it on the porch for them.  A little southern belle....she even had sweet tea in her sippy cup. lol

Hanging out with rock stars and ballerinas for lunch.

Getting some rare Nate Dog loving...this is rare for Honey cuz he usually wants his Paw Paw.

Being so grateful for paper towels...I dropped the polish on Elizabeth's new white table! 
Talk about coming full circle....I felt like I was the kid and she was the momma.

A little afternoon game of My Little Pony Concentration with all their new friends in the neighborhood.  Seminary housing is like kid running everywhere.  I'm so blessed how quickly the girls have met friends.  It's gonna be a great summer for them.

Just smiling about how full my heart is during this visit.  Being here at Chris and Elizabeth's seeing their new home smack in the middle of seminary housing that is crawling with young couples and children.....being reminded of the calling the Lord has placed on their is like a booster shot of grace to keep my heart content with the great distance between us all during this season.  SO very thankful for that.

9:30pm and chillin on the porch....he's cool like that.  ;)

Almost 11pm and we're tooling around town catching up on some much needed momma/daughter time. 

There ya have it.  My 10 on 10.  
Don't know what that is?  It's just where you take 10 pics throughout the day on the 10th of the month.
Try it in May!  I can't wait to see yours!!  :)



  1. Oh, I love all of have such a sweet and tender heart, Stephanie. And a beautiful family!


  2. one day is will remember this :) loved your pics! enjoy your family time!

  3. LOVE your set! What a fun day you guys had. You guys are the best grandparents. I love how you love your family :) xoxo.

  4. Sweet grandchildren pics tear me up. I know you are having such fun!

  5. I always love your sweet IG photos - you're a lovely & inspiring lady! :)

  6. Fun 10 on the 10th! I know I've never said this (ha) but you are the coolest, gma ever!


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