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Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Sweet Instagram Friend Who Tagged me in a Pic yesterday,
   I am so sad that I did not reply right away to you.  You had written such a sweet  #widn post and you had been catching up on reading this blog right here, The Honey Pot.  You said such sweet things about my family and I wanted to give you a "proper" reply so I waited to do it when I had more time to write back.  Well when I went back to do it I couldn't find it on my feed.   SO sad.  I even searched the #widn hashtag but alas...I couldn't find you.  If you read this, PLEASE leave me a comment so I can thank you properly.  I have learned a lesson from this. .....don't wait.  JUST DO IT.  :)

Dear Rachel,
  Just wanted you to know that I felt a little crazy on the day you posted this pic on Instagram.  I honestly thought it was me and I just couldn't remember where I was, what I was wearing and whose cute child I was holding.  Wow.  Our profiles could not look more alike.

Dear  non-reply bloggers,
   You make me so sad when you leave me such a sweet comment and I go to reply and I can't.   Do you realize that you have your  comments set on that.  Im just wondering.  If you have ever left me a comment and you have never gotten a reply back, check and see if you have yours set on that.  Of could be because I'm so far behind and just haven't gotten back to you...which is probably making you think "why does she even care if she can't reply"...  But I do care!! .. I'm just slow.
ps. If you're not sure how or what to do, my sweet world traveling techie friend Kim can tell you everything you need to know {here}.

Dear Roots that were making me look skanky,
  I annihilated your butt...take that!  Yeah! least for about 6 weeks and then you will dominate once more.  Why do we have to keep up with this vicious cycle?  WHY?

Dear Brandon,
   Yeah I though I should note the fact that you were first in line this time at our fellowship.  You even beat Carolyn (who doesn't look happy with you by the way).  I guess getting that boot off your foot freed you up and you are too fast for your own good now.  ps. Tell Boo one more time how much I loved her outfit again.  Ok. Thanks.

Dear Porterville Night,
  Thank you for moments like this one.

Dear Glue Gun,
 You lived a good life and gave me great joy and productitvy. Thank you for singlehandedly helping me  create most of the prettiness that came about for Lydia's wedding.   I will miss you.   Rest in peace.

Dear Favorite Yellow Ring,
 You broke my heart when you broke this week. I've had you for years long before rings like you popped up everywhere and you always made my hands feel pretty and sassy when I wore you.  I'm gonna miss you more than you know.

Dear Nate,
   You make me smile you little shield packing, Toms wearing dude you.  You are the most awesome little boy evah!.

Dear three grandchildren of mine,
  I love you.  I love you so much.  I love your unique personalities that are distinctly different from each other.   I love that your momma captured it perfectly in this picture.  I can't wait to get the actual pic and not this one that was taken with her iPhone of the back of her camera.  So y'all remind her to send Honey one ok?  Thanks loves.

Dear Joice,
  Happy Birthday tomorrow my beautiful sister in law.  You deserve a medal for each new year that you have lived with Jeremy.  Jusssst kidding.  Wait!...who are we kidding?....YOU give Jeremey a run for his money with your sassy self.  You may be a quiet sassy thing but you definitely have sass.  Just the right a good way. I love you and hope you have a great day!! Make Boo Boo rub YOUR feet!

Dear Honey Pot Shop,
   It's been a very productive for week for me and you.  Thank you so much for giving me a place to share some of the creativity the Lord has given me.  I am just so tickled when people are delighted with the stuff you and I come up..... and when they actually BUY the stuff for their very own.. well, the thrill and appreciation never gets old.  We make a good team.

Hope y'all have a great weekend doing what ever it is y'all have planned.
Stephanie :)



  1. I always love your Friday letters. You are funny and sweet and I get to see you in a few weeks!

    1. jealous! how do you two get to see each other?!
      I would love to meet you both!!

  2. I thought that was you in the picture, too! Love to you.

  3. "i'll fly away" i want that. i also want "i need thee every hour." i love hymns.

  4. What great letters! And, those grandchildren, just the cutest! I have one of mine today and we've had such fun.

    Wishing you a great weekend!

  5. Lovely letters! I'm also loving those gnome necklaces! Debating getting them as best friend necklaces for my friend Jen and me :)

  6. That is SO hilarious-I love it!! And you are a GRANDMA?! How is this possible? You look not a day over 29!

    I love being your twin! <3

    Oh, and I love both the gnome necklaces and the Old Rugged Cross necklace. Amen and Praise Jesus! LOVE!

  7. Your grandchildren are so adorable. Love that pic of the three of them!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Ahh, that would have been me over on instagram, (kcrawford15) My name is Karlene :)
    I have been following your blog for quite some time now, but I have never read the beginning before, so I've literally spent the last three days reading your *whole* blog from the very beginning. I loved it! You and your family are such an inspiration and I have learnt so much about the Lord over these past few days thanks to your sweet posts (don't stop blogging), so that thank-you up there is good enough for me :D
    I hope you have another blessed day shining for Jesus.
    Love Karlene Xo


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