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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Flying Pigtails

We chilled out this year and re-laxed to the max.
It was great.

We slept in late ...I had some of the best Honey Hair evah going on..
Lots of food...a little pool time ....Mr. & Mrs. Linton broke in my new toy for the iPad...a microphone that you can make your own videos with.  

But my favorite part of July 4th this year 
was the 4 wheeler ride that me and Nick took his momma on.

These are some of the sights we took in....

And on the way home...Nick kicked it in.  Ms Dianne hung on for life.
You know it's good when your pigtails begin to fly.

My second favorite thing about the day was this grilled squash!  Oh my...
my new favorite way to eat them.

I skewered them and then brushed them with olive oil, a little Tony's, garlic and rosemary.
I later found out Nick added butter as he was grilling them.  (he always adds his touch..which is always good!)   Anyways.. they were  the best!  Gotta get me some more!  SOON.

Hope your day was blessed too.

Love the Holdens and Lintons :)

Linking up late to the party...
but you know the saying
"I may be late but I'm worth the wait" 
 jk.  What I meant to say is ...
"Better late than never"  ;)


  1. You are so fun! Flying pigtails are so festive!

  2. NO totally worth the wait is right. y'all are So fun.

  3. girl, party is open all month! glad you linked up.

    love your pigtails flying.
    you make country living look AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING.

    God Bless you and your 4th!

  4. Such cuteness! Y'all are so silly! =]

  5. what fun! I am a tad bit scared of 4

  6. LOVE 4-wheeler rides! Especially when Hubsy kicks it into high gear :) Glad you had a great holiday!

  7. Cutest post!!! Thanks for linking up!!

  8. guys are the cutest family EVER.
    Looked like a great 4th of July!
    And, I am going to try that with my squash... I have tons of squash & zucchini from my garden.
    It's going on the BBQ this weekend!

  9. that's a whole lotta food you got there! and you are worth the wait :)

  10. oh, you are worth the wait!

    i was just talking to you to someone the other day. telling them what a delight you are, leading this new bride to check out all the intelligent things you all did at the wedding of the year!

    happy july and independence and everything.


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