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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Countdown to 40!...continued!

Its been a crazy yet wonderful last couple of days. My family is THE best. period. Can't wait to share the pics from my SURPRISE PARTY!!  But for now I'll share what the little birthday fairy named Ilona has left for me lately. (did i mention turning 40 totally rocks!!)

Day #3

The card says, "This little glass is cherry and bright what else can I say?..Hope it makes your day".
It did Mom!! Thanks :)

This monster cup will do the job at the beach in the mornings when I want to drink my coffee with my toes in the sand! Won't have to wish I had my second cup...this big boy can handle both cups at once!! Woo Hoo!

Me enjoying my new favorite cup!
(notice my "zing ring" from day #2)

Day #4
"Whether you Zumba or walk a country mile, You can do it in style.
With this new outfit you won't want to sit.
And I hope it fits."
(me too mom. me too.)
Won't I be something in this! ;)

Well there it is! The birthday fairy has been busy! 

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