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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Sweetest Gift

Last week while I was at Elizabeth's she took some pics for me with the grandkids for Mother's Day.    It was the sweetest gift. 
It was also an adventure with four kids. More specifically, it was an adventure with Nate Dog.
I don't think there were any "perfect" pictures taken at all.   Someone was always not looking.

But like I've told my girls for years..
Perfect is overrated anyways.

cuff by my girl Becky farmgirlpaints
(her shop re-opens Friday!)

My sweet first born Rosalyn.
The one who made me a Honey.
Our deep thinker, quick witted, best dance moves, sometimes bossy, always sweet, doesn't forget a thing, soon to be first grader.

My precious Julia Rose.
The one who recalls every detail of her dreams and has the best morning conversations in the world.
She's our dreamer, peacemaker, left handed artist, deeply sensitive, romantic, funny,  almost kindergartner.

My Little Man Nate
The first grandson
He's our wild child, hilarious, full of energy, hard headed, keeps us humble, loves to lead, all boy,  soon to be fully potty trained (we hope)

My Darling little Hazel Jane
The baby and caboose of this crazy love train
Our little drooler, momma lover, chubby legged, loves to nurse, wiggle worm!
Can't wait to watch your little personality continue to emerge.

Paw Paw
The love of my life and my lover.
He's our wise rock, our problem solver, nurse of the family, the one with all the answers, the one who sees the very best in everyone. Especially me.

And My Dearest Elizabeth
The one who has had to put up with a momma basically growing up with her.
She's a giver,  people lover,  best listener,  deep feeler, patient momma and great friend
Thanks sweet love for always showing your momma grace.
And thank you for taking these pictures for me.
You are so incredibly talented.  I love you.

( For Elizabeth's sake please know that none of these pics are edited.  They are straight out the camera.  Momma was hasty. ;) )
And thank you for those of you who still actually come hang out with me here.
Seriously.  Y'all are the best.


  1. Such a gorgeous bunch!
    love love love seeing updates from your Sweet family &
    you are totally right Elizabeth is fabulous & super talented :)

  2. Soooo sweet! These pics actually make me tear up. Such love ❤️

  3. These are all so incredibly beautiful. I know I've said this before but seeing you with your grandchildren makes me extremely excited for this stage of life.
    So much love!!!

  4. Love it! This is the best Mother's Day present ever. I'm so glad I'm on instagram now. I would miss you terribly otherwise. ;)

  5. Beautiful family -- inside and out! So happy you share your family with all of us out here in social land! Thank you for all your inspiration and keeping it real all the time! God Bless Ya'll!! Hugs!!

  6. These beautiful, sweet pictures bring tears to my eyes. Thanks so very much for sharing with us!

  7. This is precious. Thanks so much for sharing. How sweet your family is!


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