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Friday, January 10, 2014

Stitch Fix # 5

 I can't believe I'm already on Stitch Fix number FIVE!
You can read about the other four here, here, here and here.

I get beyond tickled  when the FedEx man pulls up in my driveway with this beauteous box.

 And then there's always my card from my personal stylist with a note for me. I'd love to meet Catherine one day and hug her neck.  This month was my absolute favorite.  I loved every single thing in the box and it all fit to a tee.  She even recognized that one of the pieces was cut a little narrow for my shoulders and said she hoped it was ok that she went up a size from what I normally wear.  I love that.

 So without further ado…
Here's fix number five in all it's glory. 

Piece number one was this navy blue striped shirtdress.
I've never worn one of these and loved trying something different. I wore it to church with my faux fur vest. (my tights are looking kinda smurfish but didn't seem that way in person. Probably will try a different color next time. lol) The necklace is from  one of my previous fixes.

Piece number two is so fun!
I love the colors and design but mostly I love the little bow at the neck.
It feels like something I would see Joan wearing with a pencil skirt and pointy toe heels. 
(or any of the ladies in Mad Men for that matter but Joan's style is my fave.)

 And it's cute for a casual look with cropped jeans. 
Especially when you roll up BOTH legs. lol. 

Piece number three is my favorite of all….
This scalloped black and white blouse!

 I will be able to do SO much with this.  It can be dressed up or down.
I immediately threw it on with a black shrug sweater, boyfriend jeans and black booties.
This is something I would wear all the time.

Here it is by itself.  I love the details of all the scalloped edges.  
I can see this in the spring with a pair of cropped dress capris and pumps.

 I love it paired with this skirt and my new shoes from Mod Cloth. They were a Christmas gift from my mom and she did so good.  I love the vintage feel.
I'm also wearing piece number four
The long gold green gem necklace.  It's actual name is called "Lydia" so it was meant for me. (Lydia is my middle daughter's name for anybody new reading this.)  This is simple enough to wear with jeans but has just enough pizazz to lean on the glam side too.  Plus I can layer it with the necklace I already have from my  previous fix.  I love how they build my wardrobe….choosing things that go with pieces they've already sent me. Perfect. 

And for piece number five….
This cobalt blue blazer!!
I LOVE it!  
This is the piece that my stylists thought I might need to go up a size because of the cut.  I love that she doesn't just go by the size in the label but taylor things for my body…oust one of the perks of a personal stylists I suppose. 
She knows my love for all things black and white and really delivered this month.  
As if the scalloped blouse wasn't enough….
there's this!
 It makes me want to go around flashing folks the inside of my jacket! lol.

And just for good measure…so those of you who know me personally can snicker… 
here's my "modeling pictures".   My photographer husband just pulls it out of me. lol
I'm thankful he makes me feel like a model anyway…. so I worked it for him.
Stuff like that is what made the last 25 years being married to him so amazing.  
Can't wait for the next 25. 
Oh…and according to my 70 year old momma, who is a fashion diva in her own right,  this color blue will be the new black this spring… one of the  "hot" color in her words.   So there.

If you need all the details about Stitch Fix and how you can get in on it, just click here.
Or you can email me. I'm good with that too.


  1. You look AMAZING!!! LOVE it all, but especially the blue dress, black & white scalloped shirt and blue blazer!! You rocked it with the boyfriend jeans and booties!! Hot mama!!!

  2. I have to tell you (like you don't already know), EVERY SINGLE POST you write brings a smile to my face..and sometimes a tear, but just because they tug my heartstrings. I assure you I've never cried when reading your clothing posts. Lol
    Love and adore the scallop shirt and the blue blazer! I'm a sucker for anything with cute lining! XO

  3. I am in love with the blazer! That color is fabulous!!

  4. You are like the cutest ever!! =) You look amazing in all of it!!

  5. Now, if you aren't the sassiest! Love it all and especially the blazer but just not sure I can pull that color off. But, we shall see. Looks like you hit the "jackpot." Happy weekend!

  6. Man your stylists hit the nail on the head with this one Honey!! My fav is the black and white top top, but I like all of the pieces. And your hair looks great that color! Happy weekend lovely! Susan

  7. You look amazing! Your stylist really is the best!!

  8. Miss Stephanie, you look stunning! I've been keeping up with you on IG. Let me tell ya, you've really inspired me to get my butt in gear and lose these pesky 20 pounds I've been holding onto, lol. Btw, I absolutely love that blue blazer. Everything looks great!

  9. Well, now I am excited about the Stitch Fix gift certificate Michael got me for Christmas! And I want Catherine to be my stylist, and to style me in that scalloped top and blazer! Seriously. And you look fantastic. What a beauty.

  10. Just went through and looked at all of your Stich Fix reviews- I am in LOVE with that scalloped blouse! I wish Stitch Fix was available in New Zealand, I would sign up in a heartbeat.


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