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Friday, March 15, 2013

The engagement shoot

A couple of weeks ago, Lauren and Blake had their engagement shoot.
The dynamic duo April and Paul were the photographers...they are fabulous y'all. And fun. And our friends.  Y'all should so hire them.  Especially if you live in Hawaii and want to pay their travel expenses.  They deserve a vacay in the tropics after this photo shoot.

It was FREEZING. As in snow flurries in Mississippi freezing.
We southerners are not accustomed to this kinda thing. (Hannah, don't snicker)
But Lauren and Blake and April and Paul were champs.
You would never know while looking at these that we couldn't feel our fingers.

Most of you know, Lauren is our youngest daughter. And the last one to marry.
And let me just tell, the engagement sessions keep getting more and more complicated  epic with each one.
Elizabeth and Chris wore jeans and white shirts and were photographed in a park.
Lydia and Marcus stepped it up and had two outfits and a vintage truck and a banjo and a chandelier.
But Lauren and Blake was more like being at the set of an old movie..
She thrifted for months to find just the right clothes...then cue the old theater, antique car, antebellum bed and breakfast, vintage carousel, cotton candy, an antique bicycle, a couple dozen balloons, and my hundred year old quilt and then.... BAM.  We were ready.   Whew! lol

Get prepared....cuz I'm about to bombard you with beautiful...

{this one is my fave!}

This is The Century House in Meridian, Mississippi. It is a beautiful bed and breakfast if you ever need one in this area.  Mr. Don and Mrs. Mamie will treat you like royalty.

The Dentzel carousel is Meridian's crown jewel. It's a national historic landmark  and is the oldest of its kind in the United States.    AND more importantly....Lauren had her 3rd birthday here.

I snapped this pic with my iPhone....I was proud of myself  :)
I could move into this magical place.  I always feel whisked away to another time when I'm here.

{My other fave}

It was a great day! A blessed day!

A few behind the scene pics that I snapped....

April is fearless...she rode her horse backwards to get the shot....
I think she was surprised how fast this thing boogies. 

Of course me and daddy-o had to seize the moment for a sweet pic.

After we thawed out some we came back to the house and we stuffed ourselves with roast and gravy, mashed pototoes, macaroni and cheese, Lesure peas, and cream cheese pound cake.

These guys are the best y'all.
Go check them out here, here and here.   And by all means, watch their video.
Then hire them.

A big thank you to the following people for helping make this day come together.

Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Cheryl Shannon for giving up part of their Saturday to drive their incredible car to where we were and hang out in the cold during the shoot.  We love y'all!

Mr. Don and Mrs. Mamie Nobles for letting us use their lovely b&b for pictures...and for the bathroom and coffee!!  Y'all are always the sweetest!

Nana for letting us use her awesome vintage bike. And Kellie for "sprucing it up". That made it so special knowing it was Blake's grandmas'.

The sweet workers at the Carousel that day for letting us ride as long as we needed to.  Y'all are awesome.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


  1. OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are fabulous!!!!! Absolutely beautiful! I love them all! I don't know how you'd ever pick a favorite! They are amazing!!!!!! I love the balloon one with the really bold colors. I love the cotton candy one. I love them all. What a fabulous job!!!!!! Can't wait to see the wedding!!!!!

  2. I mean, can these pictures BE any more PERFECT!!!

  3. i mean!!!!!
    these are just too fab for words!
    tooo FAB!
    i've been swooning over them on facebook, too.
    i LOVE each and every one and the vision behind them is just amazing. amazing!!!

  4. Those are perfect! She's been sharing little bits on IG and I was hoping they'd show up big somewhere! Love them! What a fun thing to have!

  5. a-MAZ-ing!!!! we have one ugly ugly engagement;) lord help me...things ARE elaborate now. my girls are gonna have to do with momma's camera and some pinterest/holden girl ideas;)

  6. agh! so, can i tell you how much I LOVE this??? lauren is absolutely beautiful and i'm loving the suspenders on blake. :D oh yeah, did i mention how much i loved this shoot?...


  7. glamorous and glorious!!! I can't believe she's getting married, wowie!!! Amazing!

  8. Wow!! These are so amazing!! Every single one of them!! The day looked like so much fun... so much love in these spectacular photos!!

  9. So perfect! :) Thanks for sharing! (like you could resist!)

  10. These photos are absolutely stunning!

  11. Love these! The cotton candy ones are my fave! These pictures make me think of "The Notebook".

    Andrea J.

  12. I can not pick a favorite. Do not make me. I did cry though. Beautiful.

  13. Oh seriously?! Love!!! Ugh. Amazing and tears and more amazing!

  14. good NIGHT.
    gorgeous to the max. they are all faves.
    so thrilled for them!!

    and steph. no snickering here.
    you can take the girl outta mississippi, but you can't take mississippi outta the girl;);)

    ok. i confess, i did laugh a teeny bit.

  15. These. Are. Stunning! Oh my gosh, those photographers have a great eye & Lauren is beautiful!

  16. So pretty! Love these!! Amazing photographers you've!! We had a cotton candy machine at our wedding and passed out pink cotton candy! So fun!!

  17. Okay, these are just fantastic and the most original I've ever seen. Your daughter is just a little doll, her hair is gorgeous! And, your SIL to be is quite the handsome dude! Thanks for sharing, may the Lord bless them with a lifetime of happiness!

  18. I want to get remarried just to have these two talented peeps take my pics!

  19. HONEY! Oh my heavens. Seriously I'm in awe. I love love love them and you'rve favorites were my favorites. Also, I totally thought of you today. I just discovered our building has a second hand shop located on my way to the grocery store. All I thought was man I wish the Holden girls were here to help me dig through the mounds and racks of clothes, and its NICE stuff too!

  20. Wow! Those are gorgeous photos! What a special memory also. Congratulations to them and you guys. Becca :)

  21. what a full day of photographing! they are all lovely. how will they (you) choose?!!

  22. BEAUTIFUL photos!! SO worth the frostbite, I'm sure. =)
    Each photo is super frame-worthy!
    And I love all the detail! Lauren did a great job in choosing her outfits!

  23. Oh my word what a creative, beautiful shoot! :) Love your beautiful fam!


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