Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Will you be my bridesmaid? {diy wedding project}

Lauren wanted to do a little something special when asking her bridesmaids to stand by her side on the day of her wedding.  Funds were limited so we had to be frugal. But I love what she came up with.

They each received a little cardboard box with their initial on the top.

When they opened them up there was lots of gold dust and feathers.
(When Lauren was a little younger, glitter was her signature.)
It's in her blood. ;)
.....  although she was bold and would wear on purpose.  
I just used it in all my crafts and would occasionally end up wearing it....on accident.

She has always had a heart for vintage prettiness so I whipped her up some bobby pins using vintage earrings to go into each box. Along with glitter, bobby pins are another one of Lauren's signatures!....she leaves a trail of bobby pins wherever she goes. 
 So this was perfect for her!

When the girls pulled the gold cord, out popped this little message!

So sweet and so inexpensive.

  • The boxes we found at Hobby Lobby for $.99....and don't be like me and forget to pull the sticker off the bottom!
  • We used card stock I already could use any color you'd like
  • I used a punch to make the scalloped can find these at Hobby Lobby and use a 40% off coupon if you don't have one.  I use this for everything! 
  • The gold ribbon was less than a dollar.
  • And we painted the staples before we put them in the stapler with a gold paint pen to make them match the ribbon!
  • You could tuck any little happy in the bottom that would be significant and more "you".  Lauren wanted the vintage bobby pin made by her momma (she's so sentimental) but you could hide a cute pair of earrings, a necklace, a piece of chocolate....anything!



  1. Those are so cute cute cute! I just made special things to ask my bridesmaids as well, and I'm sharing them on my blog on Friday! :)

  2. You gals really have the best DIY ideas and on a budget. I'm awaiting your future TLC show. ;0)

  3. This is such a fabulous idea! I love that it's SO Lauren! The feathers and glitter is so cute! Great job girls!!!!

  4. love this!! i wish i did something sweet like this when i got married!! thanks for sharing all the fun little details!!

  5. best idea.
    love it with my whole heart.

  6. That's such a sweet idea. And the fact that it's all her makes it that much more special. Good job, Mama.

  7. What a sweet idea! I love little thoughtful acts like this - yea for your daughter and how special the girls must have felt.

  8. SO cute!!

    and congrats on the weight loss journey. y'all make it so fun! :)



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