Monday, April 1, 2013

A Giveaway!! (This ain't no joke!)

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I'm so excited to give to start the week off with a fun giveaway for you all! I've collaborated with a group of fabulous bloggers to bless you all with an Omega J8004 Nutrition Center!
Not into juicing you say? What about making fresh salsa, homemade pasta or your own peanut butter? The possibilities are endless with this little gem and can't imagine a more perfect prize as we are entering the season of fresh produce and veggies! 

mandatory entry: leave a comment below letting us know a meal or dish you prepared that didn't turned out as planned.
(basically a recipe you butchered or one that left you disappointed)

for EASY additional entries: use the rafflecopter below!
(additional entries are a great way to increase your chances of winning this awesome prize)

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  1. Early in our marriage, I was making bubble pizza for my husband. We love this recipe and I'd had it lots of times at home with my family. Unfortunately something went wrong :( In the recipe, biscuits are cut up and put on the bottom of a casserole dish. I had purchased "Grands," instead of the traditional biscuits. They left the pan very full... They didn't cook all the way through, etc... My sweet husband still ate it! I couldn't even eat it haha :)

  2. Unfortunately, there are many nights where takeout becomes a necessity when one of the great recipes I've found turns out to be unedible. Being from Louisiana, red beans and rice is a staple here, but darn it..... I just can't cook them. Almost every time, I scorch them..... Seriously......

  3. A few nights ago I attempted Fettuccine Alfredo. I over cooked the pasta, and burnt the chicken... Epic FAIL! It was pretty terrible and ended up in the trash.

  4. Thanks for doing this giveaway! The worst recipe fail I've ever had was probably an overcooked crockpot pasta recipe. Lots of soaking!

  5. I am a newlywed.... trying to impress my husband with dinner is quite a task:) So naturally I put cookies into the oven, forgot about them, and went to the movies! I am so lucky nothing caught fire.... needless to say EVERYTHING in our apartment smelt like scorched cookie for days. Fail. :) I would love a juicer for my momma for Mother's day!!

  6. Well I have had a few of them but me and moms biggest fails are pretty funny! We were trying to make white chicken Chile soup and it calls for green peppers in a can, well on accident we got jalapenos in a can instead. They look a lot alike so we didn't realize it till we went to eat the soup! man i am telling you the hottest soup i have ever had! my grandma was rolling around laughing and we just died! then I tried to make zucchini bread and used cucumbers on accident......that didn't taste very good hahaha! :)

  7. Oh my goodness, where do I begin to tell you about all of the meals I have ruined? I know for certain that I am missing the good cook gene that all of the other women in my family have! I think the funniest cooking disaster I had was a chicken casserole I made for my husband a few years ago. It was so bad that he actually put the entire casserole on the back porch to hide it from me! I found it the next morning half eaten by some critters, who apparently did not like it much either(: It is a running joke that I bring the buns or the paper products to any family/friend gathering. This Omega juicer would be a God-send for my husband and daughter who endure my attempts at cooking on a daily basis(: Thanks!!

  8. once my oven was broken and i didn't realize it. the lasagna was in the oven for over an hour! needless to say we had sandwiches for lunch!

  9. I recently decided to try a new triple chocolate cookie recipe for our weekly family movie night - the dough was delicious, but I forgot to set the timer on the oven and burnt the cookies! I had to throw out the entire first batch - they weren't just a little crispy around the edges - they actually looked like black hockey pucks. I'm hopeful I won't make thta mistake again!!

  10. My most recent fail (if you don't count the burned microwave popcorn...)was a bread recipe I make often with great results but somehow got distracted and measured the yeast wrong which resulted in a very small, barely raised, hard as a rock loaf. But there is always next time, right?!

  11. So stoked for this giveaway!! Even more happy to have found a lovely Christian blog like yours!!

    I'm a new follower of your blog! Found you through Casey Wiegand's blog!

    I'd like to invite you and your followers to come link up with the Aloha Friday Blog Hop if you want!! We have a new April team and we'd love to have ya'!

    Have a wonderful and lovely weekend!


    Jean {What Jean Likes}


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