Monday, August 29, 2011

What a Weekend!

And what a weekend it was!
It kicked off on Friday with...
1. Operation "Get Eddie"
Then followed early early Saturday morning with....
2. The False Alarm
And wrapped up on Sunday with.....
3. Gathering at the river

1. Operation "Get Eddie"
First a little background so you can appreciate this mission.
Bro Eddie is a dear friend who served along side my husband in our previous church for about 5 years. My husband pastored and Eddie led the worship.  Our two oldest children fell in love, grew up and married each other.  So they are not only our friends..they are family. Bro Eddie was called to a church about 5 hours away where my mom is a secretary. So they have become "best buds". Somewhere along the line, several years back, one of them was given this sweet little wooden cross from a church member.

Well, they played a little game putting it back and forth in each others office.  One would set it on the others desk and then a few days later it would show back up on the others...
Well eventually this little "game" turned hard-core and the competition began.
My mom made the first big move. She wrapped it up and mailed it to Eddie's home.  The packaging looked super legit. He thought he had gotten something awesome in the mail....
 Now it was ON!  
Eddie pulled a good one next.
He had a  "welcome package" waiting on the bed of her master suite at her beach condo last year! She was SO excited and impressed...thinking the owners had left it for her as a welcome "happy"! 
Until she opened the package... 
Eddie got her good!
Which then led to Operation"Get Eddie".
She had her little plan brewing for awhile...a whole year she was patient...waiting for Eddie's birthday.
Her plan was to have a bakery put it in the cake for her and they would celebrate during staff meeting where he would cut it and discover it in front of everyone.
Well that didn't work because the Lord called them to a new church and they moved.
This is where I get involved!
I made the cake.

Now... we live about 2 hours from Eddie but we texted them and told them we had something to do in Jackson on Friday and since we were SOO close we thought we would stop by to see them and their new house... wink wink.....they bought it hook, line, and sinker!

We packed the baby up for the long drive and headed out!

The "Accomplices"

They had invited us to join them for Eddie's birthday supper which worked out great for our little plan..
I told them we stopped by a bakery and "picked up" dessert.

We had the "birthday boy" cut the cake upon which he discovered something inside....

This is his "Yeah you got me but I ain't surrendering for nothing" look!

Mom told me to tell him to wave a white napkin if he wanted to surrender and call it quits.
He said no way is he surrendering and for her to watch's coming back..
when she least expects it!

So beware Mom!  And remember...

Jesus Loves You! 

Well upon completing "Operation Get Eddie" we got home around 10pm.
Got in the bed around midnight.
Then got a phone call call around 3:15 am from our very pregnant and very due daughter
 who lives 2 1/2 hrs away...
We threw stuff..literally... in a suitcase and jumped in the car!

This is me on the ride there around 4am....
Can you tell I'm a little excited?

This is me that evening... about 12 hrs later.
Not quite as chipper...
 After we had driven back home and climbed in bed and took a nap for a couple of hours.
It was a False Alarm.

Which was absolutely NO PROBLEM for us grandparents...
We had a great time of fellowship..
we all ate lunch together..
 and walked Elizabeth around the mall a little, just in case her water would decide to break or something before we all made our journey home.
(Chris's parents are about 4 hrs away)

I mean Hey...if we will drive 2  hours just to deliver a cake..
driving that far for a false alarm is NO biggie! :)
We'd do it over and over and over again..
That's the way us grandparents roll!

Oh and I did get to stop at Starbucks on the way thanks Elizabeth for that! :)

Isn't she just gorgeous?  I'm gonna miss that big beautiful belly.

And after all that excitement we got to finish out the weekend with a bang!..
Nick baptized in the river!
How awesome is that?

Our little man Dalton who is special to our family.
He was born premature and Nick was with the family almost everyday when he had to stay in the NICU.  So awesome to see the Lord working in his life!

And our friend and brother Davin...
He is growing in grace and its a blessing to get to be a part of what the Lord 
is doing through him and his wife.

It was a beautiful day in every way.

Check out Nick's "baptizing shoes"...
Geaux Tigers!!
(Not sure what poor Davin has on his feet....something about falcons or something. Poor thing) lol

Nick with Davin and his wife, Sandy.
And Davin's mom who came all the way from Georgia to be here for his special day.

Dalton with almost his whole crew that came to celebrate!
We enjoyed getting to spend the day with this bunch and catch up on visiting with them.

Well, there ya have it! 
My fun-filled, jam packed, wonderful, awesome weekend!
I love my life :)

oh..and if any of you need someone to help pull off a elaborate scheme or something....
my skills are for hire!  lol




  1. You did have a full weekend! And that story about the mission is hilarious. How much fun you all must have had with that one!

  2. Hahahaha.... So much in this post made me laugh and smile! I love it! I love all of it... My sister's college played a game where you tracked people down on campus - shot them with a water gun and the last one in the game won a scholarship... One of her friends tracked a classmate all the way across the country on a trip home to see her family for spring break. As the plane landed and she stood up to leave there was her classmate in the aisle. Bam! Shot with a water gun. Haha... I love that stuff. :)

  3. awesome! love jokes like that!
    hooray for baptism!

    and i am curious, you live near jackson and the lsu love has me thinking deep south. mississippi?

  4. Stephanie,
    Thanks so much for sharing the "get Eddie" cake. We were all so disappointed that we didn't get to see that in person!

    PTL for the wonderful testimony of baptism. You really did have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Wow! You had a lot going on. I can't wait to hear about the (hopefully soon) arrival of your new grandchild.

  6. What an awesome post! I loved it.
    The cake idea sounds like so much fun, and how neat to have family/friends that you can do that kind of thing with!

  7. Oh this was a fun post. I *love* that cake story! I can't believe you got it in there and all frosted and it looked so professional. VERY clever.

    And yes, your daughter is just beautiful. It's not normal to look that cute 9 months pregnant.

    Loved those baptism pictures. Nothing better than a baptism outside.

    You have a beautiful blog!

  8. LoL, what a FUN and exciting weekend!! Love that you all are such great sports about driving around for your sweet daughter and baby to be! And Operation Get Eddie CRACKED me up!

  9. I love that little family prank! What a fun tradition! And you are just the sort of family who would have fun like that. :0)

    Sorry you didn't get to see a baby being born this weekend...Soon, I hope!

    And the baptism pics are beautiful! I love it when those special moments are caught on camera to cherish.


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