Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Stitch Fix 23, 24 and 25

Hey, hey, heyyy.
So, apparently some of y'all sweet people are still interested in what's showing up in my beautiful turquoise box each month.

I've gotten a little behind so for you inquiring minds who have asked....
I'm gonna show y'all the last three fixes in all their glory....

Fix #23

First up was this cute little navy and gray striped dress.  I loved it.  The fabric is super stretchy and comfortable and the little solid panels on the side is super slimming.  It was a keeper.

Next up was this this halter top.  I loved the colors and the print had a bandanna feel to it.
It was a keeper too.

The third piece in the fix were these jeans.  They were borderline for me. What won me over was their comfort. They have stretch to them and are super quality so I ended up keeping them.

The fourth piece was this maxi dress.  The fabric was SO soft. Super comfortable.  But the front of the dress flopped open.  I had it pinned for this picture but it still gaped open.
Soo it went back.  (the denim vest was from a fix last summer.)

The last thing were these earrings.  They are totally my style.  I seriously loved them.  But didn't feel they were worth the price.   So these went back too.

All in all it was a great fix and kept three out of five pieces. 

Fix #24

First up in this one was this little sleeveless top.  I loved the color. But all in all, it was just ho hum to me.  Nothing special.   So it went back.

Next was this cobalt blue tank.  It's my color according to  Nick  but again, this top was just too ordinary.  It went back too.

But even though the first two were sleepers, this next one made up for it!
I LOVED it.   Now this top has character and adore it.  It was definitely a keeper.

The fourth piece was this great dress.  The color was perfect and the neckline and waist with all the rousing is super flattering. It's super lightweight and great to throw in the suitcase for a little weekend trip. (like that's my life. lol)
The fifth piece in the fix was a pair of pants that were not flattering at all...like, I couldn't even take a picture to show you.  

SO I ended up keeping 2 pieces out of five.  Not bad.

Fix Number 25
Unfortunately, this one may have been my least favorite fix.  I didn't even take pictures of the things I didn't keep....which was almost everything.

But I did love this top.  It is a great length and I love the fabric.
It was a definite keeper.
They also sent a fabulous navy blue clutch that would have looked perfect with this outfit.  But I just don't use clutches enough to justify spending the money on them.

This is the perfect little top for date night.
And speaking of dates...here's mine.
He's been my dating me since 1986 and it just keeps getting better and better.

Well there you have it.
Now I'm off to bed.  I leave in the morning for a women's conference that I get the honor of speaking at in Keystone Heights, Florida this weekend.  We normally drive straight through in beast mode everywhere we go. But since I will be in China on our anniversary my sweet man is taking me a day early and we're gonna stop about halfway there for a quick afternoon at the beach!  Then we're gonna crash at cute lil hotel that we scoured the internets for and found a sweet deal on.

I would covet your prayers for this weekend.  May God would be glorified in all that is said and done. I can't wait to meet all the ladies He's gathering together to be encouraged and equipped.
What a blessing to used by Him!

Thanks for hanging out with me for a few minutes!

ps.  If you are interested in getting Stich Fix for yourself just click on the button on my sidebar.
If you have any questions just email at Honeyholden25@gmail.com


  1. these are my favorite posts!! xoxo!

  2. Did I miss SF #22? I love your SF posts!!!!

  3. Blue IS definitely your color! So pretty! Praying for your weekend and your trip to China.

  4. Always enjoy your fixes and I need to order another one but I so love to shop and sure don't need to shop and do Stitch Fix. What's a gal to do? Know you will be a blessing to all this weekend.


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