Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Lauren!

  Happy Birthday to my baby!
Wow!  Where has the time gone?
Last year I shared {here} on your birthday what all the Lord has been up to in your life and how thankful we are for His hand on you.  He is still at work using you for mighty things and I am always blessed by your boldness to share the gospel with others!

I thought this year I'd just praise God for all His goodness He poured into your life these past twelve months!

 But first.... any good momma has to share a cute baby pic (or two)

With all your crazy hair colors through the years at least we have proof you are a true blonde! ;)

You went from this ....

to this in a blink of any eye!

Now....on to some of the fun stuff this past year held for you..

You graduated!

And of course...we had a par-tay in your honor!

The Nerd Herd

Your last formal 

Your Senior Trip

Those few times we all rode in the car as a family before Lydia got married.

The time you got to be "an only chid" when we went to the beach this year.

You got to hug a State Champion!

You got to be a Maid of Honor!

You went to summer camp for your last time.
(your Nacho face timing will always be a favorite of mine..foreva)

That scary time you wrecked.  
So thankful for God's protection!

You got to have a tea party with a couple of princesses.
(although one princess wouldn't cooperate well for pictures that day)

You entered the Cosmetology program at MCC...

...as you can see, you have loved creating hair-dos since you were a baby.
(and yes...that big bubble suit was all the rage in the 90's)

You have grown into a confident young woman who God is using in mighty ways.
Your tenacity to try new things and step out into the unknown always amazes me!

You even got to try on some wings!

I love you so much and couldn't be prouder!
I'm looking  forward to the year ahead!

Happy Birthday Laureeen!
You cutie pie you!


ps.  I forgot to add the big plunge you took...
going brunette!!

But you've already added hi-lites!!


  1. What a beautiful testimony of God's faithfulness! Happy Birthday to your youngest!!!

  2. What an awesome post!! Lauren is so beautiful and full of life! What a blessing! Happy birthday, Lauren!! Enjoy this new year of your life!

  3. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter, beautiful just like her mama!!

  4. Wow, what a year your beautiful Lauren has had. Happy Birthday to her and good job mama raising her up ;)

  5. I love going back in time through photos. What a great tribute to a lovely daughter. Happy birthday to her.

  6. Happy Birthday to your awesome girl! Loved looking at all the photos!

  7. You are so beautiful! Your momma gave you some amazing genes!

  8. you have the most beautiful girls. happy birthday to your baby!!

  9. what a sweet birthday post. i know i've said it many times, but I LOVE HOW YOU DELIGHT IN YOUR PEOPLE!

    your daughter is beautiful.

    that wreck was not. yikes!

    oh, and from experience i can say "brunettes have more fun." :-)

  10. happy birthday to your beautiful girl!!

  11. beauty beauty beauty!
    loved seeing all of these pics!
    i feel like if i blink my 13 year old will be graduating!
    trying to soak up EVERY minute.
    happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!


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